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Author Topic: New GDI Member: Learn this first activity  (Read 1529 times)
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It's only about, what you determined as success!

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« on: July 13, 2016, 10:57:37 AM »

Welcome to GDI,

Most are so excited and well deserved. May you find what you have visioned from one of our amazing video's of introduction.

No matter whom recruited, introduced or walked you to this location. You have arrived and should have reached out to each person listed as your upline. Including the person who you gained assess to this location. Do not think this is not able to enhance your idea of either sharing your passion with the world. Gaining, income for the first time online. You are not going to be alone, only if you choose to be.

More time you spend in this forum will benefit your presents. People will be aware of what you have to offer. I will share what is a unknown fact about making money online. No one will ever share this with you. I speak from my own experience.

Those who are here just to setup their for site. To share their passion to the world. Get with me fast and we will walk through everything. So, you can get started with your first article. NO extra money should you ever spend. Just make sure to get the facts and free support we offer.

You people who have an inner hunger to make money online. Do not listen to all the hype pages out there. Just calm down and reach out to me. Yes, it will be done. No, you are not going to make millions over night. No one has ever made serious money overnight. The hype is what it is, HYPE.

You can and will establish a foundation in no time at all. You will have a choice to walk through you decision on either sharing a process, product or service with the world. Yet, doing it without spending anything except GDI monthly is your choice. You will receive millions of offers to join a group for either the three areas above. Do not fall for such things without it being what you want. First, learn that nothing is new. We only enhance either a product, service or process. That is the truth of business online or off.

Read this and understand it. Make a choice either to become what you visioned or just do not waste anymore time. Most loose their family, friends and money fast. Following scams of great influence. Everyone will or has experienced massive offers. Just to be let done by eagerness to make some money online. Do not leave your source  of real income prior to learning , and committing to one of the three areas businesses or created. Either companies or individuals. Those are the only three areas which work.

Here is what everyone needs to understand and live. This must be your whole make up to make money online. Learn, what we few passionate heart serving have learned to be selfless in all activities. Thus, unlimited source of revenue has become part of our every day lives. This is a general fact and you will experience it. Only, once you have become humbled and learn. This is a lifetime journey, so take your time and learn it right. There are only three steps we repeat every day. Simple.

This is what each of us, self-employed people live to understand ;

Entrepreneur: "A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk."

Entrepreneurship: is the process of designing, launching, and running a new business, startup company offering a product, process or service.

We will walk through this until you understand and then, you can make a choice to move forward or do not venture this road. It is long and difficult.

Well, congrats and keep moving forward. Do something each day and remember. This is not a race. You will gain growth if you learn first. Then, share your learning with others.

GDI is the core part of any foundation. We all have to start from the beginning. Do not miss the way.


"Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful"

"All Is Well" Together We Will Make It!
William E. Amis,Jr.III
(888) 888-9802 ext. 75152
24hr request for support http://www.vcita.com/william.amis?
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« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2017, 08:46:49 AM »

Thank you for this quote,
Hi, my name is Louisa Rodriguez, I have reason to believe this format of business is visionary and unique in lifestyle as well as entrepreneur acceptable. I will determine to achieve with this venture because I have taken the time to research and I have the self determination to fulfill a strong quality of life's future resources. The proof is in the numbers, just like the keeping a good house keeping seal of approval, I am going to demonstrate a dedicated amount of time in order to create prosperity.
R Chitman
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« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2018, 10:38:12 AM »

Thanks Bill for the positive message and to stay focused on the end game. Take one day at a time and be sure to do what you can when you can is my motto. 

Promote promote promote is the key in the internet business in any sector.  My needs are simple and that being focusing on the REAL leaders in this business and not become caught up in the HYPE as you put it in needing to have other things to make this product work.  It is the REAL DEAL in and of itself.

No other product can be sold online without what GDI offers.  We just need to be taught "HOW" to tap into it. That is my need right now the proper way to market this product online and where to place my links for optimal conversions not leads..


Richard Chitman - RCBUILD
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