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Author Topic: Hello from Dave Fullmer in the west end of Tennessee, USA  (Read 1015 times)
Dave Fullmer
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« on: June 16, 2016, 07:54:46 AM »


I'm Dave Fullmer,  I live in a very rural area of Tennessee about 100 miles NE of Memphis.  Our county only has about 30,000 people in it and I live on a nice wooded 45 acres of land about 6 miles outside of the nearest City.  We have 3 traffic lights in the town and they almost roll up the sidewalks at 10 PM.

I am a retired automation equipment technician who helped design, install, and maintain the logic circuitry of the machines.  I enjoy helping newbies to the Internet avoid the pits I fell into. 

About 2007 or 2008 I learned about GDI and decided to join.  I spent some time trying to get a website set up with several pages, but no one seemed to be able to teach me.  So I quit.  Then about 2013, I saw some ads about GDI Team Elite and since it looked good, I joined.  Again I just didn't feel I had found a home and no one really explained the real power behind the Taam Elite concept. 

Earnly in April, I wished a contact I had on Skype a happy birthday and we started talking about GDI.  I told him I had been there, done that, wore the T shirt and wanted nothing to do with it.  Somehow he got through to me and I began to see a glimmer of the real power. 

When you treat GDI and team building as building Business Owners instead of looking at all the referrals as customers,  you start to have power buiders and now on the 5th of June I have 5 referrals, all coming because of the collective advertising we are doing on the Team.  I am well into my Team Leader training and have been able to set up tutorial pdf's for my own team.

I still need some help because I can not hear the tutorial videos.  The volume is so low that I can not make out the words. 

But I am happy to be here and plan on getting a nice check each month in another 6 monts or so.

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