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Question: how do i access SITE BUILDER from home?  (Voting closed: April 25, 2018, 05:08:03 PM)
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Author Topic: HELP- SITE BUILDER ISSUE  (Read 6217 times)
Tammy Bugeja
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« on: March 28, 2018, 11:40:15 AM »

Hi guys, i am a new member to GDI. I decided to work on site builder from work one day. logged in, entered a few details etc. i logged out at work, but the issue is i cannot access the site builder from home. it goes to a b lank page. has anyone had this problem. how do you fix it to access from another computer?? Undecided
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« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2018, 10:38:12 AM »

If you have a blank page showing, most likely you probably didn't save the content that you posted.

When you are working on the site page, scroll down and click on the save button.

Another tip using the site-builder:

The site-builder will time out after X-amount of time and you will lose all the work that you have done.

Solution: Update and save as you go along every few minutes.

Alternative: Scroll over your content ( Left click with your mouse ) and save to your clipboard ( mouse ) ( Right click on the mouse, then click save ) to make sure that you have a back up copy in the event you don't lose your content.

Personally, I prefer to use my own template and upload to my hosting.

You will need to use your own website builder that can be used offline.

You can download the FREE NVU website editor here

You will need to download a FTP program that allows you to upload to your hosting.

I personally use the FTP Surfer,

To set up the profile in the FTP:

The first page that must be uploaded to your hosting is the ( index page )

You have 3 options:
Name:  index.html   or  index.htm  or index.php

Note: On sub pages, you will have to use the same extensions as you started with the index page

NOTE: You will need to make a file folder on your computer using ( Note pad ) and save a file and
name it:  index.html  or index.htm  or  index.php

The index page is your master file where you save your template and all the work you do
laying out your web page.  You will be using your website editor to work on your website page.

index.html folder, saved on your computer
NVU website editor - Open file in NVU, that opens your file on your computer to get index page.
FTP - logs you into your hosting on GDI, then you upload your index page to the GDI hosting.

FTP set up on the profile:

Name:  index.html

Description:  Personal notes if any, myself, here is where I make notes to myself if I'm helping
other members on their website

Server type: select Auto Detect

User profile: select User Defined

User name: abcxyz ( Here you use your actual user name of your GDI account )

Password: 112233  ( Here you use the actual password to your GDI account )

Explore from: Select Root ( All Folders )

Then click OK

Now your FTP is ready to upload your hosting.

Note: Before you can upload to your hosting, you will need to change
the settings in your back office and select to use hosting.

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