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Author Topic: Welcome to all who have not gathered anyone to become a member?  (Read 1717 times)
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« on: August 29, 2014, 03:06:59 PM »

Hey, stuff happens each day and most of your are eager to make it happen, just like the video that made you join. Notice, it was not anything that someone said that made you leap into GDI. You did not even complete your due diligence on the person who introduced you? Oops, and not even know anything about GDI. What is it and how to use it for creating a solid ethical funding source.

Yes, you want it so bad that even the trail period past before you realize. You never spoke to your sponsor and upline? Who in the world could help you? Try methods of communication but within this forum. Each message is delayed. Yes, I wrote this over 24 hrs ago?

So, if you need help and want to have someone walk you through. The right navigation. Show you what GDI is and how to use it for creating an ethical funding source. Start with all the tutorials, and read each area on the leftside of the member's area. Then, contact your sponsor and upline that is listed. If after all that fails and you are on the edge of quitting.

Never give up!

Look below and call me right away. We are here to support each member as a family should. You are part of a Global Family within GDI. You just did not understand that you can use GDI correctly and not try to sell it to people. It is not made to sell it?

Learn the right three steps and never get confused. You just share what you love doing. The rest falls in place. Stop focus on money and the greed of it. That is what MLM/Affiliate old school marketing is driven by.

You must change your perception with the truth. Knowledge is power only with execution of the right activities.

Let us learn the proper Etiquette, first. Call me today or in 5 years from now. I have a real company and use GDI for what it was created for? Would you like to learn how to use it also?

Enjoy the learning first and then growth will come. You are not going to make millions of dollars overnight. You have to learn how to gain clarity and then focus only on execution of daily activities that will manifest your vision. More on this later.

Breath, and then call me with a day and time we will walk through, all of GDI. That way, you will understand about a foundation. That must be built first with GDI. Then, you can create the funding source. Now, you should start to feel the cloud being removed.

Talk soon, and do not ever give up. That is just failure and too many ways to achieve that vision of yours. You just need our free lifetime support. That is all there is to it. Not one  of us few, ever made our visions a reality, alone. You had to figure out that also. Now you get it?


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"All Is Well" Together We Will Make It!
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« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2019, 02:33:41 PM »

Just know I appreciate this. Very much so.
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