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Author Topic: If You Are Going Through Tough Times! Change Your Philosophy!  (Read 2272 times)
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« on: November 12, 2013, 12:46:41 PM »

Hey There Fellow GDI Friends!
We All Have Been Through Tough Times Right?
Well feel free to check out this post! Hopefully
you will learn a thing or two!
Enjoy Your Day!
Chery Schmidt

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It's only about, what you determined as success!

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« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2013, 04:14:04 PM »

It is a great day!

I must add quality information to help our family within GDI and guest. I understand the frustration each day when you first sign up you have all the imagination and hype needed to get you through the first few days. The closer the last free day comes you start to panic and blame others for no help and guidance.

Well let us stop you first of all. You made the choice to awaken the hunger within. You released something that will stay dormant for the rest of your life. You could have felt the same before you made the choice to take the stand to be different. To have people continue to laugh at your thoughts of useless efforts to get a real business established. You made the right choice to join GDI yet no one has offered to walk you through the fundamentals. You did not even know who to ask.

Well, I am one of many who wait until you are ready to get serious. Lots of our members say I am so busy I tried this or that to gain attention of others without one person jumping at the chance as I did. First this is not an opportunity, chance program. GDI is the core part of a solid foundation which has launched vast businesses.

GDI is the core part of a real professional Operations. You have all the current and future departments without the staff. You have to fill them as you grow and also expand the departments that are waiting for you to build your foundation first.

The is a right way to do this vs, just your way which has not given you much a chance. Next, you will be blaming everyone around you and changed to a nasty attitude. Stop now, and get serious just get with me below and send me an email saying you are ready to get this right the first time.

GDI will work if you understand what the heck it is and then allow me to walk you through the fundamentals. The rest is just a lifetime amazing journey we will take together.

Take the right step and stop to think for a minute. Then make up your mind if you joined GDI to establish a real business that will leave a great legacy. Or did you join GDI to share your core passion with the family and the world. Either way you are not going to accomplish much continuing the way you are now. Hey, we are GDI family and never accept failure which is just another way of saying you give up. You are not alone and from this point use we vs. I.

We will walk you through the fundamentals which we enjoy a journey that is beneficial and rewarding. You will too once you make the choice to be serious and learn without all the hype and glamour. You understand once you know just a fundamental of a thing nothing is to stand in the way of growth, right?

The next move is up to you and all of this lifetime free support, priceless!

"Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful"

"All Is Well" Together We Will Make It!
William E. Amis,Jr.III
(888) 888-9802 ext. 75152
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