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Author Topic: Any GDI systems working for you?  (Read 2991 times)
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« on: August 14, 2012, 12:25:58 PM »

I am back with GDI - I've joined, failed to make anything, quit, rejoined, etc....

Any current marketing systems working for you? That anyone in GDI can use?

I know we have replicated pages, but I see zero response with these.

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« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2012, 10:24:36 AM »

Doug you can not just put up pitch pages and hope people are going to join just based on all the hype of the video. People need to feel they will have the hands on support many fail to realize. They want to know the person who is involve knows what they are doing.

You watch one of our great videos and now all the excitement is gone. Just like 98% of all members. They believe people would run to join GDI based on how excited that video made them. It doesn't work like that at all in our great industry. Those who jump around from thing to thing realize no matter what you do. No location is by it self going to achieve much of anything.

Yet, GDI is a core part of the solid foundation that every business needs online and offline. You have to understand how to use it and what goes with it without any additional expenses. That is where a passionate supportive experienced group is needed.

I have been in our industry for over 32 years and have seen so many people loose their families and jobs just believing they could find that one things one day. Well, they all would work if you understand first you have to build a solid foundation . Then you have to master navigation and be able to coach others to do the same. You can not achieve anything alone so you need to find the right people who would support you without all the hidden agenda. Hey, if you join GDI there should be not other expenses while you build your foundation. Then find your passion and build a real business just sharing it. Yet, you have location someone who knows how to do just that and manifest prosperity off of your passion without sales, pitches and gimmick involved.

Now, I just told you what it takes and everyone else. The next steps are up to you.

Doug, I feel your a passionate person and you are ready to achieve great levels of prosperity. Just start with doing it the right way in the beginning.

Let me know how it is going.

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« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2012, 01:06:57 PM »

I have started with one yesterday. It just do not only depends on system but also on individual. I am in this field for long in affiliate marketing but only join GDI now.
Hoping to do well in this too. I like the simplicty and Spanish language replicated pages which are good for me in Spain. Looking forward to do some Flyer marketing also known as Gorrilla marketing.
My suggestion to you is just do not give up in few days. Join a system and stick with and don't just start looking at downline growing from day 1 this is not a good thing. If you really want to see it moving then take steps on individual basis. Give it at least 3-6 months and just give your best. Learn as much as you can about marketing and never go lazy is the trick that have worked for me. Promise your self 1 or 2 downline sign up a day and just work on it. Only you can change no one else but once it will be get going then it will be easy.

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