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Author Topic: Why You Are Not Succeeding In Network Marketing.  (Read 22880 times)
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« on: December 14, 2010, 09:43:13 AM »

I am completely guilty of what this article is going to tell you… so I had a lot of growing to do.  We all face this and must learn this valuable lesson.  Not your bank account but YOU depend on it.

First you have to get that it don’t matter what you’re pitching, you’re still pitching!!

Many of us get started in network marketing, we all get excited because we can see the absolute power behind it.  We go to family and friend and tell them about what we are doing and call everyone an idiot for not joining the business.  Then we go out and started targeting strangers and say that they’re idiots too. In return they’re thinking you’re an idiot for falling for a scam.

Many join another company thinking that is the company or product, thinking that’s the reason people are not jumping on this.  They go out and do the same act and expect different results, insanity.

Lots of people give up and very few can still see that victory so we begin to look for some answers.  We come across someone that says “This Reveals Why Most People Fail In MLM Today” and we see and say this is the answer.  We join it and go INSANE again… pitching the answer to MLM problems.

Going through this personally I can tell you that is not until you get those dollar signs out of your head and stop thinking just because you’re telling other you’re looking to help them, honestly thinking completely about yourself, that now you’re going to explode your business.  You MUST understand that no-one give and SH!T about what you have and know even if what you have and know can help them until they know that you actually care about their success in this industry.

So how can we adjust the mind-frame of not thinking about ourselves?  It’s so simple that it’s unbelievable.  Once you understand that the more people that you help whether they buy from you or not, that they can take information that you put out there and change something in their lives, then they will remember you.

Eventually what you put out there even if it cost, people will know that what you are sharing is in attempt to help better their business,  in return you’ll build a trusting and likable relationship with your followers and your bank account will soon not fit in any bank.

Put others first…

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« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2010, 10:18:43 AM »

good post. this why offering gift cards for a few months to give them more than a 7 day trial will make them feel special, and you get 5 or six people all doing the same it would really work. I mean I would get free access for 2 or 3 months wouldnt you?
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