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Author Topic: I Gotta Say...  (Read 22013 times)
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« on: June 17, 2010, 10:23:09 AM »

I was real excited to start with GDI but it turned out to fizzle just like all the other programs. I did the marketing strategies that were discussed in forums and from the select few from my upline that sent me stuff. I worked for hours and hours on this and nothing happened. My 5 referrels I got came from craigslist. I did bulk emailing, traded traffic, google, and some other techniques I've already forgot about because they didn't work. I know you can make money with GDI but the money has already been made. I'm about to cxl this whole thing but if someone thinks they can turn GDI around for me please let me know. Thanks.
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Vincent R Parker

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« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2010, 01:18:19 PM »

Hi Shawn,

My reply might be a little blunt, but please don't take it harshly.  We are all here to help one another.

It's sad when people claim that this company or that company are a fizzle or are too crowded.  Because, there are too many other people seeing tremendous success to say that.  Our success does not depend on a company or anyone else, it depends 100% on ourselves.  Blaming others for our circumstances is a "broke mindset" and will keep you from seeing success in anything that you do.

Now, I know you have worked hard.  That's obvious.  But, I want you to work a little harder.  For instance, you say 5 people on your team came from Craigslist.  How many ads did you post?  How many days in a row did you post?  How many other classified ad sites did you post on?  To really make classified ad sites work you need to post on as many as you can find, and post at least one ad per day on each site.  Remember, massive action = massive results.  A little action = a little result.

Also, you've tried some techniques.  Actually, it sounds like you've tried many.  Did you master them?  Here is what I mean.  A big mistake many of us make (and I say us because I was there too, we all were) is that we diffuse our results by trying too many things.  We do not master anything.  This leads us to taking a little action in a lot of things.  You might think that means you have taken massive action, but it does not.  We all (yes, me too) need to focus.  Laser focus.  Super focus!

If you want to see results in a marketing method, then you need to MASTER that method.  That means getting training.  And not just training from guys like me.  I mean those that have been around for decades.  Those that have built HUGE incomes and those that are willing to teach you without just leading you down a buying trail.  It's sad, but most "mentors" have one thing on their get you to buy more.  But that does not mean they do not exist.  Just, with most you have to PROVE that you are worth mentoring or else, they simply won't waste their time.

And don't quit!  Seriously, there is one way to fail and only one.  That is to quit.  I personally know people who are currently making 6-7 figures a MONTH.  But do you want to know something?  Each of them struggled for YEARS.  They put in their time.  They didn't sleep.  They worked their butts off.  And they learned every single day.  And they are STILL learning.  They are STILL training.

Here's another little secret.  Most of what they do fails completely.  But they don't let that stop them.  Because they know that all these failures mean something.  They learn from them and they keep moving forward.  Looking for that winning shot.

99% of the people in their downlines are complete duds.  They give up, they don't take action, they don't follow directions...they are just duds.  But you don't sound like a dud.  The 1% are the ones that really take action.  The 1% refuse to blame others for their life.  The 1% end up being monster recruiters and end up making them TONS of money.

Can I turn this around for you?  No, absolutely not.  But, I DO know someone that can.  His name is Shawn Kitterman.  Now, I don't know you Shawn, but I hear your frustration.  And I know you've worked really hard.  That's great, that means you are getting close.  But now it's time to step it up.

Focus on just one or two methods.  Master those methods.  Train yourself every day.  Eat up every piece of training material you can, pull out what is actually useful and then take action on it.  We already talked about classified ads.  You mentioned Google.  I'm going to assume you mean SEO and not PPC.  If this is the case then get on the top of Google for 25 or more keywords and stay there.  THEN you might be able to say it doesn't work.

Call every lead that leaves a phone number (and also learn how to talk to people on the phone.  How to get yes answers.  How to position yourself as an expert in their eyes.)  If they don't leave a phone number, write them an email.  You can't force someone to do something, but you can convert most of those leads to team members with some training and know how.  Most people that leave their number or ask for more information want something.  You have to find out what it is and show them how GDI is the thing they are looking for.  More importantly, how YOU are the person they are looking for.

$10 a month is not a lot of money.  I bet you spend a lot more than that per month on things you don't need.  This is a chance to turn that $10 into something real.  Something amazing.  Something your family will benefit from.  Something that will make your friends go, "Dude, what the *****!"

Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of people seeking a home based business every single week?  Hundreds of THOUSANDS (the actual statistics escape me right now).  The money that can be made has NOT already been made.  Lots of money has been made, sure.  But there is too much more out there to think that.  There are too many people that need a plan B, there are too many companies that need an easy to build website, their are too many people graduating (or graduated) that would love to have a website as a gift from their parents or grandparents, there are too many organizations that could benefit from GDI as a fund raiser to make that mistake.

This is not all fluff, this is truth.  YOU have the power to make it work.  How?  I don't really know.  Only you can answer that.  But I've seen too many people succeed, I've made too much money and I've known a lot of people that go from broke to no-joke!  If they can all do it, certainly you can do it.

You need to change up your game plan.  That is obvious.  But don't settle for I can't make this happen.  You can.  And if you want to cuss a little, go ahead!  We all know what it's like.  But don't stop.  Make it happen.  And when you do, teach others how you did it.

I know it's not what you were looking for.  However, I hope you did get something out of my ramble.

Whatever you decide to do, we wish you all the best!

Vincent Parker

Vincent R. Parker
Stephen Hanley
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« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2010, 07:09:02 AM »

Vincent is absolutely right, keep at it and believe in yourself!  Smiley
This may sound a little cliché but it's something I stand by every day with my business:

"When people quit anything in life, it's always just before they were about to succeed!"

In other words, when you think you cannot go any further, push a little harder and more often than not you'll get past it! Take a sprinter for example, on a 400m race he's approaching the 300m mark, he knows he only has 100m to go, yet he feels so uncomfortable and in terrible pain, his body is telling him he must quit the race to survive, but if he wants to win, he must push past his discomfort! Realizing at the finish line that he won the race made his pain worth while!

In business, you could say you've spent X amount of hours/days/weeks of your time and spent money on building up the business and trying new things, as they say "when the going gets tough, the tough get going". But most people panic and quit as things get uncomfortable... I personally felt an extended discomfort in my business for 2 years before I finally made enough mistakes to begin to seeing the rewards for my effort! Now I would never go back or change any of the mistakes I made, because the information I absorbed in that time was the most valuable!

It's the hard times make us appreciate the good times!
I wish you the best of luck with your GDI business!  Cool

When people quit anything in life, it's always just before they were about to succeed!
C Sharon1
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« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2010, 07:09:02 AM »

Hello, I am 1 day old at GDI and looking thru the forum.  I was looking for someone passionate about GDI when I came across the letter from Vincent to Shawn. WOW Vincent you have the power to inspire! I would like to be your friend! I would like to share your insites, opinions and expertise.  I am unsure about this program right now but since reading your letter to Shawn I will explore this site more.

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« Reply #4 on: June 23, 2010, 02:52:43 AM »

To Vincent, I need to print your email for inspiration.  I just joined GDI and will readily admit to being more than a little bit lost.  Your post was encouraging (not that I have begun site promotion) but for what I know will come. 

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