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Author Topic: YAY! GDI Managment Approved GDI Images On My Website  (Read 20671 times)
P De Thierrry
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« on: February 05, 2009, 02:53:51 PM »

Hi GDI Associates

I sent an email to .Ws Support a few days ago to see if the GDI images I'm using on my website was in any violation of any sort and because of copyright issues. I expected to recieve an email back from them about my issue, which I did, but the email siad that they didn't really review affiliates websites but has handed my issue on to GDI Managment to review my concerns.

Yesterday morning at 6.30am new zealand time, the phone rang, I was surprised to hear it ring that early in the morning and thought it must be one of my family calling with some problem. So I rushed to answer it, only to hear an american voice saying "is this this Patrick..." I responded "yes this is Patrick", "this is Global Domain International Managment".....WOW! I was surprised  Shocked. But I knew straight away what it was about and was nervous, and was waiting for the verdict Smiley.

Managment went on about how they didn't review affiliates websites, but in some cases if asked they would, he did do a check on my website pages and saw the use of the GDI images was not in violation of any kind, so the images were approved, but he did add that on the bottom of each webpage where images of GDI were being displayed to have a bit of writing stating the owner of the website being me and that the website is copyrighted. He siad that adding me as being the owner of each webpage, did not make my website any part of GDI the parent company. So yeah I understood that.

He also checked my UNOFFICIAL GDI Forums and just stated to actually make UNOFFICIAL stand out a bit more and in the main heading/title, and that was it.

So I did all what he told me to do and my website is all go and approved, I no longer have to worry about my website being in any violation with GDI policies...I'm so

Thanks .Ws Support and GDI Managment.

(if anyone wants to use GDI images from our parent company, please also contact .ws support for approval, it's the natural thing to do, because GDI images are copyrighted)
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Patrick De Thierry
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