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Question: What marketing tool(s) are most important for your success at GDI?
Opt-in leads - 994 (15.7%)
E-Mailing program to send leads - 921 (14.5%)
Printing suppliers for cards, flyers, etc - 239 (3.8%)
Unlimited Phone services for long distance communication - 97 (1.5%)
Upline support - 726 (11.5%)
Training on internet marketing - 810 (12.8%)
Trianing on Sales techniques - 241 (3.8%)
Training on web design and setup - 253 (4%)
Advertising sources - 877 (13.8%)
Marketing sources - 680 (10.7%)
Motivation for personal growth - 497 (7.8%)
Total Voters: 2351

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Author Topic: What "tools" do you need to succeed...  (Read 75101 times)
David Lortie
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« Reply #135 on: February 29, 2012, 01:10:07 PM »

I been with GDI for about 5 months i only have 9 people in my downline i have tried everything and am getting nowhere beggining to think that im not meant for GDI im so sick of it because ive spent all my money trying to promote GDI and also I lost my unemployment so i have to survive on 165 bucks a month from drill pay im in the marines and injured ankles so this is all i got unless i find a taxi driver job or something i just need someone to help an get some real results please help me my email is bigmoneystax@aol.com
John Vance
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« Reply #136 on: December 26, 2018, 11:43:45 AM »

I am using 4 safelists and click on received
links for credits so I can send emails to the
safelist members. Daily clicking and mailing.
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