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 on: June 16, 2016, 07:54:46 AM 
Started by RonaldP1 - Last post by Albert Hittle
Hello all , I am a new member, thank you for accepting me. Looking forward to becoming an affiliate. I have some questions that need answers to help get me off the ground and running. Is there anyone out there willing to help a newbie. Thanks

Albert Hittle

 on: June 16, 2016, 07:54:46 AM 
Started by Dave Fullmer - Last post by Dave Fullmer

I'm Dave Fullmer,  I live in a very rural area of Tennessee about 100 miles NE of Memphis.  Our county only has about 30,000 people in it and I live on a nice wooded 45 acres of land about 6 miles outside of the nearest City.  We have 3 traffic lights in the town and they almost roll up the sidewalks at 10 PM.

I am a retired automation equipment technician who helped design, install, and maintain the logic circuitry of the machines.  I enjoy helping newbies to the Internet avoid the pits I fell into. 

About 2007 or 2008 I learned about GDI and decided to join.  I spent some time trying to get a website set up with several pages, but no one seemed to be able to teach me.  So I quit.  Then about 2013, I saw some ads about GDI Team Elite and since it looked good, I joined.  Again I just didn't feel I had found a home and no one really explained the real power behind the Taam Elite concept. 

Earnly in April, I wished a contact I had on Skype a happy birthday and we started talking about GDI.  I told him I had been there, done that, wore the T shirt and wanted nothing to do with it.  Somehow he got through to me and I began to see a glimmer of the real power. 

When you treat GDI and team building as building Business Owners instead of looking at all the referrals as customers,  you start to have power buiders and now on the 5th of June I have 5 referrals, all coming because of the collective advertising we are doing on the Team.  I am well into my Team Leader training and have been able to set up tutorial pdf's for my own team.

I still need some help because I can not hear the tutorial videos.  The volume is so low that I can not make out the words. 

But I am happy to be here and plan on getting a nice check each month in another 6 monts or so.

 on: June 01, 2016, 11:36:42 AM 
Started by VParker - Last post by Stephanie_Ledoux
Excellent information, thank you!

 on: May 27, 2016, 05:35:47 PM 
Started by VParker - Last post by VParker
Hi all,

So, in promoting the dot WS extension you might get a question or two about the TLD itself.  (I recently wrote an article on that at if you want to check it out.)

We all know that it's actually a country code TLD that comes from Western Samoa.  And generally the search engines will rank ccTLD's in the country they come from.  For instance, a dot FR TLD and your website will show more readily in France.

However, some ccTLD's are so widespread that search engines actually treat them as gTLD's (general top level domain).  The full list and a link to Google support on these ccTLD's can be found in that same article on my site.

The dot WS TLD is among that list.  They treat it the same way they would a dot COM.  Meaning, to them, it's a gTLD and not a ccTLD.

But wait a minute, don't dot COM websites rank better anyway?  The answer is, no.  I found no studies that in any way confirmed that dot COM ranks better than any other TLD.  In fact, I did find studies that showed the opposite.

Matt Cutts, leader of the Google Web Spam Division confirmed this by saying, "Sorry, but that's just not true, and as an engineer in the search quality team at Google, I feel the need to debunk this misconception. Google has a lot of experience in returning relevant web pages, regardless of the top-level domain (TLD)."

So, despite what the title claims, dot WS can rank in the United States just as well as a dot COM or dot NET.  It is a valuable alternative to anyone seeking a specific domain name that has been taken by more common TLD's.

Hope that helps!

 on: May 15, 2016, 01:10:42 PM 
Started by VParker - Last post by VParker
Hey all,

So, a new team member the other day was freaking out.  Her new site was jumping around radically in the search engines.  She has gone from being on the first page to being on the 20th page to not being indexed at all back to being on the first page and so on...

If you are experiencing the same thing please, do not worry.  It's frustrating, I know.  However, virtually every new site experiences this radical change in position for the first 1-4 months.

This happens for several reasons.  First, your site is probably small right now so any changes you make can cause the search engines to re-evaluate your site.  Second, it can take them weeks, months and even years sometimes to find and index any backlinks you may have.

But rest assured, as your site grows larger changes will not have such a major and quick impact.  I've owned several sites that sat at the top of the search engines and can personally attest to how crazy the shifts are at first.  They will level out in time.

Hope this post reaches at least one person undergoing the search engine position shuffle.  You have done nothing wrong and your site is fine.  Keep doin' what you are doin'.

 on: May 04, 2016, 07:18:00 PM 
Started by Andrea Coleman - Last post by VParker
Hi there, Andrea.  I think it depends on what kind of website you have up.  For instance, my blog using the WordPress plugin looks great on my Samsung S4.  But I have seen sites (not necessarily GDI ones) that don't function properly.  Give us a link, if you will, so we can see what's up.  I'm pretty sure the sitebuilder uses a lot of flash which does not always display properly on all devices.  I would consider that a phone issue.  Not sure, though!

 on: May 04, 2016, 07:14:20 PM 
Started by SDBoltsFan - Last post by VParker
Sending a shout out from Cleveland, Ohio. My name is Mz. Andrea, 58/BF. I am not really new to GDI, but new to the forum. I am looking to expand my .ws site to feature one of my businesses and I am really taking a look around at what is available as a GDI customer.
I will keep the information coming as my discovery progresses.

Hello there, Cleveland, Ohio!  Wish you all the best.  Put a link to your .ws website in your profile so we can all have a look see.  Smiley

Hello everyone. My name is Tracy. Just joined today. I hope to eventually learn enough to help with the newbie type questions we all have. ☺

Hi Tracy!  Awesome.  There are so many people with experience but the forum has been so quiet.  Looking forward to seeing you on here more.

:)how to I get started up here please help im new to all this and really don't know what im doing lol.

Hi there, Ricky.  There is a lot to learn and there are so many different ways people grow their business.  Everything from blogging to... well, one of our top members used to use billboard ads!  What have you done with your site so far?  Any ideas on how you WANT to grow the business.

There really is no one size fits all.  There are basics, for sure.  My personal advice is not to bother buying programs that say they will teach you everything.  Not bashing programs like that but, I have rarely found anything from paid sources I hadn't already found by doing searches on Google.

Of course, nothing wrong with buying books (for instance, want to blog?  Maybe read up on how to write things that get results.  Joe Vitale has some great books called Hypnotic Writing.)

Any ideas on what you want to do?  Blogging, social media, forums, paid advertising, talking to people you meet and know (I had a team member who's whole strategy was to talk to people he met at parties.)  Gotta find what fits for you, then research it and most importantly, do something.  Heck, a simple post (not spammy ones) on Facebook can bring in some of your first members.

There is just so much.  Let us know if you have specific questions!  Smiley

 on: May 04, 2016, 09:34:14 AM 
Started by Andrea Coleman - Last post by Andrea Coleman
I just purchased an Samsung edge and wanted to see what my .ws domain looked like and there were several areas that stated that the plug-in was not supported. is it the phone or the need of an app?

 on: May 04, 2016, 09:34:14 AM 
Started by SDBoltsFan - Last post by RICKYLANTER
 :)how to I get started up here please help im new to all this and really don't know what im doing lol.

 on: May 04, 2016, 09:34:14 AM 
Started by SDBoltsFan - Last post by Tracy King
Hello everyone. My name is Tracy. Just joined today. I hope to eventually learn enough to help with the newbie type questions we all have. ☺

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