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 on: April 07, 2017, 11:56:54 AM 
Started by H_Hubert - Last post by WilliamAmis
Hello all new members and guest!

Is it any wonder that no one stays in the forum? Well, if you do not understand what the first and daily activity to use GDI. You will never achieve much except spending time wasted.

Consider, reaching out to your sponsor and what we call upline. Where? Go to our Members area and on the left side. Scroll through each topic. Learn navigation and watch the learning materials. That is the start.

If all fails. Reach out to me.

I am eager to support you and help. Everyone needs many advisors and my support is free.

Hope to see all of you take advantage right away. We love eager people and will not allow anyone to be alone.

My contact information is below. I am open to help everyone. I look nor will except anything in return.

 on: March 30, 2017, 08:49:19 AM 
Started by Mohd Shafie Muhamad - Last post by RobertCable

I had the same problem with not being able to login to wordpress. While waiting for a response from support I was clicking around looking for answers. What I realized is that the wp login does not support upper case letters in your password. If you use your same GDI password and simply enter it all in lower case letters it should work.

Hope this helps!

 on: March 29, 2017, 08:46:49 AM 
Started by WilliamAmis - Last post by Rodriguez_Louisa
Thank you for this quote,
Hi, my name is Louisa Rodriguez, I have reason to believe this format of business is visionary and unique in lifestyle as well as entrepreneur acceptable. I will determine to achieve with this venture because I have taken the time to research and I have the self determination to fulfill a strong quality of life's future resources. The proof is in the numbers, just like the keeping a good house keeping seal of approval, I am going to demonstrate a dedicated amount of time in order to create prosperity.

 on: March 29, 2017, 08:46:49 AM 
Started by WilliamAmis - Last post by WilliamAmis
Hi, Everyone who is old and new.

What i have found to be amazing and blows my mind. Most of you just join, look around. Then, only stay on long enough to create some kind of profile. I wonder, does anyone believe that people will want to work with you? There are massive people not in GDI and looking at who is active and helping others. Who, shares their experience to help empower and inspire others. Share you story of how you have been retired for over 36 years and love it.

What is wrong with everyone. You cannot half-step within GDI. There are no one getting paid for bringing people to use GDI as a tool which it is. Hey, you must learn yourself. Then, apply it to that one endeavor of yours. The all your life, passion. If you learn to share it through a real "Foundation". The right way, by telling your lifetime journey. Yes, we each have a real story without an end. The only time it stops, is when we ascend. That is the way to be self-employed online or offline. You must find your unique passion. Not mine nor anyone else. The tools to help are all at one location. Including my free lifetime support with GDI. THat is it.

Look at how long all of you spend just online learning everything about GDI. No wonder so many people join and never accomplish even to learn about the 10 pre-established departments. What? GDI gives you 10 pre-established departments for you real company. Just your perception and I would love to walk you through it all.

Take care for now and just learn prior to jumping on the the next failure. It should be getting kinda sad now?

 on: March 21, 2017, 01:38:18 PM 
Started by H_Hubert - Last post by H_Hubert
Hello every one,
I am a new member and would like to know more of the how it works'
So that is why I am introducing myself. My name is Hubert I am
retired from 1996 just seeing if I could make some extra cash
with you folk if you would allow me.
Greetings from St. Maarten (Dutch side)
 Roll Eyes Kiss Shocked

 on: March 14, 2017, 07:30:47 AM 
Started by WilliamAmis - Last post by WilliamAmis
Hi to all of you, now you made it!

What to do on your first day. Keep, your browser open to this location within GDI. Then, navigate to the "Members Area". There are lots of tabs on the left-side. Go through all of them. That should take 3 days. You still have a 9-5 so do not burn yourself out. You should prepare to pay the nominal monthly fee for a while. Let's be real, no one is going to make a million dollars overnight. That is not real and will every be.

Learn GDI is a company with the tools for your foundation. Everyone needs that to live, run a business, get married, have a family. Everyone, has to learn to set up a foundation and budget. If not you will just be playing as you have a business.

I am a real company owner for over 33 years. You still must do what is needed to begin. No matter your endeavor. I will be here always to reach out to me. I can and will never shut you out. Yet, you have to determine no matter what. Never give up serving others from your heart.

Now, all companies are in business to make money. Be ethical and make money is all they are in business for. You have various types of business. Yet, if they are not making money. They close. The same principles apply to you, as well.

OK, have to run to relax. That is the advantage of being one who can just complete one selfless act per day and call it a day. I live to serve and that is all I do each day. I celebrate someone's milestone each day. I love life and people. That is what I choose to do. Live an exciting live for just supporting those who accept it.

Until, next time I arrive for sharing an idea, experience or wisdom.

 on: March 13, 2017, 01:57:18 PM 
Started by JulieAnne - Last post by LaDonnaTurner
Hi Cheesy
I am having the same problem kinda..but i need to know which one goes to the sales page please


 on: March 09, 2017, 06:46:58 AM 
Started by WilliamAmis - Last post by WilliamAmis
This isn't my first day but I'm trying to get off the ground. I don't see much new activity in the forums. I see that you posted most recently. I've noticed the leader board is wide open now. I remember when people were getting crazy amounts of sign ups every week. I'm trying to get in where I fit in. I'd like to talk to you and anyone else about getting the most out of our GDI experience. I'm from Akron Ohio and my number is (330) 352-6184. Holla back

Welcome to our GDI family!

May you find my link below to choose what way and when to have us conversate. I am here and will be able to help you all the way. Also, may you consider it is not about sign-ups? It is about helping each person understand and apply GDI for their endeavor. Each is different and GDI is a tool. The more you help people learn to use it and how to navigate for information. The lifetime usage they will get out of GDI. They will continue to be a member who is signed with you. That is how you have continuous growth and get a return on your investment. Just having people join a location is not going to do anything for you. They have to find a usage, yes?

 on: March 09, 2017, 06:46:58 AM 
Started by WilliamAmis - Last post by WilliamAmis
I have spent over 40 years serving at others pleasure. My hope will be that more people will jump on being real. Stop with no contact with real conversations. We are people who are empowered by real touch and sight. How, can you expect to navigate through GDI and understand how to use this tool? You can't without someone supporting your endeavors. I am that person.

We will walk you through each area of GDI. You will continue to learn and know how to apply all that GDI has to offer. You need not spend time and money at so many locations? We, have it all in one location and you can realize your return on this investment. By, learning and having a real face to face conversation.

If you think anyone has made millions by just emailing and online. No human contact and conversations. Please, read some of my articles. You will have an awakening and then you can reach out to me. I have been here and always pray to be able to support you and others within our GDI family. Test me and see how well we can have you up and realize. Just getting people to use GDI is not how you will help them. You must learn and then teach all about GDI as a foundational tool.

My hope would be you find my link to choose what way and when. We can get together and have you up and be running. Do not give up and loose balance. Most leave and return to find all they had to do is ask for help. Simple and that is what we want for you. Please, come over to me and ask for support for your endeavors. I live to serve.

 on: March 09, 2017, 06:46:58 AM 
Started by SDBoltsFan - Last post by Richard Uriegas1

My name is Richard Uriegas. I'm from CA, I hope to make many friends here at GDI. I have a lot to learn. Also hope to make some money. I'm retired so I sure can use it.


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