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 on: July 24, 2018, 10:34:54 AM 
Started by Ryan Richard - Last post by Ryan Richard
How successful did you find the invite email opt-in rate for the opportunity vs the product? Can this email be customized, or is there more templates to be chosen?

 on: July 24, 2018, 10:34:54 AM 
Started by SDBoltsFan - Last post by WilliamAmis
Greetings to all..

another newbie here from New Zealand. There is heaps of info for us to learn
I hope I can get some of them working for me.

All the best to you all..cheers..Peter

Welcome, make sure to spend time watching all tutorials. They are a huyge support library. Also, after you have exhausted your efforts. Reaching out to your upline. If not support given. Then, reach out to me. Do not give up.

We, are all here to help. Please, be aware that there is not additional cost. To have free supporting for all GDI. Thanks for giving us you focused attention. Nothing is impossible. It is all about changing your perspective.

I am here to help.


 on: July 24, 2018, 10:34:54 AM 
Started by F_Sanchez1 - Last post by F_Sanchez1
Just wanting to say hello!

To your success

 on: July 24, 2018, 10:34:54 AM 
Started by Robert_Coaster - Last post by F_Sanchez1
Hi Robert

Welcome back to GDI!

If you need leads for your GDI business I can help.

Feel free to reply or click on my name to check out my profile

 on: July 24, 2018, 10:34:54 AM 
Started by SDBoltsFan - Last post by T Beeson
Hello   my name is Tim I'm from Oracle Az
glad to be here excited to get to know you all

 on: July 24, 2018, 10:34:54 AM 
Started by WilliamAmis - Last post by WilliamAmis
If you ever get lost. Tired of shifting through all this GDI stuff. No clue what is next. Have wasted time and effort on getting that person who made you believe allot of hype. Then, do this today. Reach over and locate a way to contact me.

No one should leave you alone within GDI. Thank goodness. There are us. Who, enjoy and devoted ourselves. To the overall wellness of others. Giving our value in time and support. That is why. You can take advantage of all knowing GDI areas. That will enhance you life and/or business.

The first step is your perception. I will help with that. The next would be understanding all GDI. I will help with that. Then, execute the overwhelming usage of GDI. I will help with that.

So, you desire hands on support with GDI. No cost for this and never should be. Yes, getting people all hyped about GDI is easy. Yet, retaining them? Now, you can learn by doing. I have lived through all of GDI. I am easy and will walk you through. No, you have to put in all the work. Yet, I will walk you through my perception. Then, you will develop naturally. Your own. Either Way will be amazing in learning and building your host of others.

Complete you profile and match it up with mine. Then, always use your real name and contact information. How else are others going to contact you. There are people who are just visiting the forum. Looking for someone active. Someone who knows all areas of GDI. Who would support them in all of GDI. That would become you. Easy when you think about it.

Well, Welcome to GDI and if you are lost reach out to me. Stop waiting for a "Right Time". There is never a right time. You must make anytime, your right time.


 on: July 24, 2018, 10:34:54 AM 
Started by WilliamAmis - Last post by WilliamAmis
So, you have taken all efforts. Yet, not the result you hoped for. No way to get support from that person who made you believe. GDI is more than they could understand. Yet, without knowledge and applied action. You and they. Have no idea what GDI is.

It would bite you. To know, how easy it is to find out. Just there are not short cuts. That means, you would have to learn. I know, who wants to take time to navigate all areas. Prior to allowing others to know about GDI.

The issue is not how fast you can get others to believe your hype on GDI. The same way that person got you to act on a prompting. You leaped prior to knowing what you are suppose to do. How, to do it. Where to start.

That is why, I am here to help. Support you abilities to expand beyond desire to "Have It All" per say. Make unlimited revenue?Huh

Well, whatever the reason you joined GDI. I will walk you through all things about GDI. Then, help you understand how it can and will support your life. The business aswell you visualized. You have to put in the time. The journey begins with us walking through all of GDI. It is easy for you. When, there is someone. Who is always updating steps to learn all GDI has to offer. Not that you would need each area of support. That is, right now.

Come, let us reach your unlimited perception of GDI. I will be with you each step. There should never be anyone. Charging you money. To give free support within GDI. We, have people who are dedicated to support others. Live to keep some ethical balance within our GDI family. I am one of them.

Do not hesitate. There is no right timing. You must, believe in yourself. If you do not. I do. So, make that move today!

Welcome to our GDI family,

 on: July 24, 2018, 10:34:54 AM 
Started by WilliamAmis - Last post by WilliamAmis
It's not difficult to reach out for support. The first step in getting balanced is knowing that you must first start off right. Take time to look around in this forum. See, the active participants. Look at my profile. Then, duplicated each section. If you get lost. Huh Contact me right way. Being patient is the second step of balance.

My Name is William Earl Amis Jr III of Suffolk, MA. I have dedicated my life. To support others true passion. That simply means. We, manifest what your core passion to share with others. In hope to make them aware of living. I hope you would appreciate. The effort of others surrounding your life.

As you open your mind. To unlimited perceptions. That is when true change in your own life. Will happen. It is amazing, and you will never be the same again.

Take the step off of faith. Just knowing that, you have one person, me. That can visualize your achievement in all things. That you can manifest by speaking it out loud with your mouth. Then, using experiences. To take action as though that, is already here. It is all about perception.

Give yourself the knowledge. That will start your true journey. Never look back. Always live each day, as it was your last. No one, is told they will live forever. Stop looking for that one good moment. It doesn't exist. You have to make your own, moments. That is where GDI will help you. Only when you are hungry enough. Then, reach out to me.

Until, that day. You keep going in a circle. Just stop blaming others. Where, you are now. That is all on your own choices. That is the only thing. We, have is free will. Choice!


 on: July 20, 2018, 11:58:52 AM 
Started by Robert_Coaster - Last post by Robert_Coaster
Been awhile but finally back in GDI plan to stay & be successful this time.

 on: July 20, 2018, 11:58:52 AM 
Started by PriscillaFutral - Last post by PriscillaFutral
Hi I am new to all this.  I am figuring it out as I go.  I have a good feeling so I am hopeful this works for me.  I have tried clickbank and other stuff but it didn't work so I am hopeful this does

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