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1  Administration / Announcements / Re: Making sure you get the help you need? on: September 25, 2018, 01:00:23 PM
Hey GDI Family!

I have noticed. More people are struggling. Doing the same thing over and over. No results. Should make you reach out to me. There are only 24 hours in a day. You spend about 10 hours working/travel to work. That leaves 14 hours left. Then, two hours to spend with family. Must have balance with quality time. Then, average grown folk. Require 8 hours to sleep. That would leave you 4 hours doing what? Grinding, sweating, bleeding your passion. To develop a support service or product to enhance people's lives. That is it. GDI works as your foundation.

You would not be involved with GDI. If you knew how to establish your foundation first. Then, with knowledge. Which means, experiences. Even if you have to take a little wisdom for others. Remember, with many advisers. One will be prosperous in all you do. You can visualize it. You can walk through it with me. Then, together we will make it happen. Those last 4 hours. Share right here what you have been doing. I will then, as you consider to contact me. Help you change your perspective. Bringing your vision into existence. You then share how you learned with others. Giving is the key in progressing in life.

I will commit to support everyone. Who, is willing to stop doing what you have been doing. Commit to your future. You desire more than just making money. You desire to leave a legacy for your children's children. Even if you have not family. You also desire to be a part of enhancing the overall well being of people. That is a service worth my life blood. I will walk you through the right way. Hey, get sick and tired of doing over and over. The same things. Stop, learn and move step by step.

More when you reach out. Make an appointment. I will take you by the hand. Real human interaction. Remember, it is hard. It will not work overnight. Do not believe the hype from those. Online sharing false temptation for your money. No, cost for real GDI support. Do not quite your job and leap on false faith. Establishing a foundation is only the way in life. Think about it. I hope you consider it is time to change your "Atmosphere". I will complete an intake. They only take 15 minutes. So, only those who are willing to put in the work. Even when you do not feel like it. You must grind it out. Make a choice. Choices is all we own, people. So, please consider only after looking at where you are not. It is you who has placed this location in your life. No one is accountable except you. So, change your habits and perception. That is why we are here. To help and move you through you daily challenges.

The remaining time, is up to you. Just do something. Stop living in the past. Stop blaming others and waiting for the "Right Time" No such thing. You decide to make things happen. You can visualize a thing. Then, I will walk you through obtaining it. I live this way over 38 years and that is my testimony. Challenge me with your vision. Listen and walk through each step. No adding artistic things to the easy establishing. GDI being your foundation.

Get excited and reach out soon. There are countless people we help. I will personally, walk anyone with the heart and determination. Do not waste my time with weakness. Choose and never look back. Stop looking back on your life. Keep your eyes focused and I will push you day and night. Yet, not being creative and rushing the process of perception enhancement.

Until, you are ready to take responsibility. To choose to make a difference. Please, do not waste my time nor yours. I appreciate you. but we only get 4 hours to accomplish things daily. So do the math and share what you do with the rest of the day. That will be the beginning of your amazing unlimited life.
2  Administration / Announcements / Re: Making sure you get the help you need? on: September 14, 2018, 07:29:28 AM
To all new members!

Make sure to reach out to me. Introduce yourself when you need free support with GDI. I would not be were I am today. If I thought to make things so hard. To approach difficulty, alone. That is not how your life has to be. We, would jump at a chance. To help all who reach out.

My time is unlimited. Some have made attempts to reach out. I have been traveling. Working on my core three projects. So, those who have no patience with their lives. Give up. So be it. That is failure. Just keep positive and stop doing the same impatient things. That made you return to GDI. You can get it right this time. But you may consider taking time. Nothing worth while is based on your time. Rushing as though life is not about Knowledge. Keep still and learn new amazing things. That have always been here. Just allow me to walk you through it. Then, you just do it.

Hey, I am real and have been in GDI for a long time. Active and continue to help unlimited people. I believe in you. You are my focus. Just give it time. It will work for you. One step out of three. That is all it takes. After we build your foundation with GDI. The right way this time. Please. allow me to show you how it works. Then, you do one step all the time. That is all I ask. Believe me and my life. It is well worth it. Do not quite your day gig. This GDI thing takes time.

Let us be transparent. You will take time to build as I have. Yet, the journey is well worth it.

3  .WS/GDI Discussion / New Member? / You are not alone! on: July 26, 2018, 11:36:10 AM
Hi, GDI family members and visitors!

There could be allot said. Our efforts to support all within GDI at no additional cost. That is something I have lived by since beginning. Never looking back and always positive.

Think and take time to navigate. Look at my Profile and send a hello message. I am always willing to put aside what I am doing. To support a GDI family member. Life is about giving of one's self. I have believed in all that approach me. Being joyful and laughing through all situations they believe is hopeless. But together we move through all obstacles. That is a lesson I repeat daily.

Just never stop moving forward. Learning about GDI all. Go to "Members Area" . On the left is all the commands and learn them. The tutorials as well watch them. Get popcorn and munchies. Watch with note pad and write questions. Then, watch again until you answer those questions. Learn to navigate by visiting areas there. All of them. No matter what you assume. Learning all of them will make you able to walk new people through everything about GDI.

We, learn by doing. So just get it done. There is no fast way to accomplish your unique vision using GDI and all of it's tools. That is why learning what the heck GDI is. That is key.

Well, in closing this message. I pray all well and joy.

4  .WS/GDI Discussion / New Member? / Re: Second time with GDI on: July 26, 2018, 11:36:10 AM
I love it! I just came back myself, canceled my account twice, but reactivated it both times. The most recent activation was yesterday evening. I originally joined GDI in 2004. Happy to be back!

Welcome back!

Hi, Daniel you continue to feel the prompting. GDI is amazing. Only when one understands what GDI is? How to apply it to their own life. It works as a support tool. Think and create.

May you consider completing your Profile Daniel. Just review mine and copy it. Then, make sure to review all tutorials in the "Member Area". Knowing from your last experiences. You may consider learning to navigate through GDI everything. Stay active daily in all areas even here.

People look in this area prior to joining. Looking for a key person who has a heart for GDI. Live active Profile. Each time you are online working or playing. Keep signed in the forum. Say hello to new GDI family members.

Consider to stay and make GDI part of your world, per say. I am always willing to walk anyone through all of GDI. No one should be charging anyone for support within GDI. It is a given. Pay monthly and that is all there is to it.

William Roll Eyes
5  .WS/GDI Discussion / New Member? / Re: Welcome New GDI Members: 2018!!! on: July 26, 2018, 11:36:10 AM
Hello my name is Corina Prieto and Im from Palm Springs CA, and im very excited to working with this company as well as earn extra income for my 2 children and 1 on the way.

Hi, Corina congrats on the way!!!

We, would be so surprised how well you can have GDI active through all those children's lives. Perhaps you would have a passion of sharing their positive awareness time. On you new GDI blog and give help with those who are having new babies arriving soon. Your nurturing knowledge with the two you have. That is priceless. That is a huge passion to share.

Did you know there are countless new parents that would leap at a chance for someone such as yourself. To have hands on support in all areas you have experience. In providing and raising children in these days?

I would enjoy being a huge part of your growth within GDI. Make sure to exhaust your efforts to get your upline involved. When, there is not support. Then, reach out to me so we can have that vision manifest.

You have a unique passion of nurturing. All parents are different no matter who they are. You can share and inspire others. Never give up and help them through difficult times of newborns. This is just something that came to me reading your statement.

Well, I pray all is well and you would not ever stop learning all about GDI. Gain confidence is only accomplished. By learning first. Before you leap into all the hype from others. Just stay joyful and focused.

There are few of us. That live to support others. Just as a great chance to complete a "Selfless Act of Kindness". I appreciate people as yourself.

William Roll Eyes
6  .WS/GDI Discussion / New Member? / Re: Back in GDI on: July 26, 2018, 11:36:10 AM
Been awhile but finally back in GDI plan to stay & be successful this time.

Hi, Robert this is a great moment in life. Joyful days and long amazing nights. Consider looking at my Profile and matching it. People actually visit this forum prior to joining. You would be amazed at the vast people who reach out to active members of our GDI family.

Well, I am always just around somewhere. So, reach out when you need real human interactive support. I am "Old School" hands on person.

William Roll Eyes
7  .WS/GDI Discussion / New Member? / Re: Welcome New GDI Members: 2018!!! on: July 26, 2018, 11:36:10 AM
Greetings to all..

another newbie here from New Zealand. There is heaps of info for us to learn
I hope I can get some of them working for me.

All the best to you all..cheers..Peter

Hi, Peter consider completing your Profile. More people visit this forum prior to joining. You being an active person. Shows more for their support than ever!

When you get lost. Reach out to your upline. After all has been exhausted. Reach out to me. I will walk you through all GDI. No one should hussle you for money. Just to know all there is about GDI. How, it would be a foundation for all. Each person would use GDI different in their lives and company.

You are unique so GDI is for each of us. No one uses it the same. Yet, is a wonderful and joyous thing. When, you learn all there is about GDI. Watched all the tutorials. Then, navigated through all areas. Then, you are ready to apply GDI to your unique life.

I will help in all areas. Just reach out and contact me once you have no such support from upline.

8  .WS/GDI Discussion / New Member? / Re: Hi I am new on: July 26, 2018, 11:36:10 AM
Hi I am new to all this.  I am figuring it out as I go.  I have a good feeling so I am hopeful this works for me.  I have tried clickbank and other stuff but it didn't work so I am hopeful this does

Welcome, Priscilla consider checking your internal messages here. There is support all the time and you only have to reach out. Do not attempt to be alone. Learn all information given in "Members Area". Then, you will have confidence and knowledge. No go and experience creating a nice site or blog. We, will walk you through any area if you need help.

Never, stop moving each day. Keep adding more to your Profile and use mine as an example. People visit our forum. The seek support from an active person. Says allot, right?

Enjoy this wonderful day. Hey, choose today to be joyful. Grin
9  .WS/GDI Discussion / New Member? / Re: Welcome New GDI Members: 2018!!! on: July 26, 2018, 11:36:10 AM
Hello   my name is Tim I'm from Oracle Az
glad to be here excited to get to know you all

Hi, Tim consider always checking your internal messages here in the forum. That would be something I pray all would do. This is a great place to start. It's all about activity and new perceptions.

I' William and one of those who will help walk through all GDI. Just reach out only after you have exhausted all efforts for your sponsor/upline.

There should not no cost for GDI everything support. Few of us are ethical with providing guidance through all GDI.  Shocked
10  Administration / Announcements / Re: Making sure you get the help you need? on: July 26, 2018, 11:36:10 AM
Hey, GDI family! Roll Eyes

Now today is a wonderful time. To take a look at the "Members Area". There are tutorials and each may you consider watching over and over again. Then, you will be able to create a site or blog. I prefer a blog. It is simple. My time has been under 15 minutes to create one. That was also walking more people through it step

Just to let you know. That GDI is the only area I pay for. All the years dedicated in walking people through issues. It is done if not better than sites you pay for. Communication via conference video is the key. Yes, there a lots and I have found the best for me is wonderful. The people love it and it is free. We, walk through all GDI together.

When, someone contacts me. I must know why? Crazy but simple. The reason is always different after we established their balanced foundation with GDI as the core. It is amazing and joyful. To see them laughing again. Making a difference in their world. The lives of loved ones. More of course is involved.

You would be wise. To consider getting serious and stop looking just to bring people into GDI. Then, what. They need to be supported in GDI all areas. How would you do that? You have not taken the sweat and blood per say. To learn navigation through all areas. Never mind about contest and hype. Using something in all areas of your life. That is worth anyone agreeing to have you as a supportive active sponsor. Huh

Did you know that people can see the forum and allow them to choose who they would like supporting them. This is a contact and being with people for the rest of their lives. Now, would it be nice to have someone supporting them. As, you need also? Someone who lives and breaths GDI in their personal and business activities.

Just change your perception on all things. Let journey GDI together with the correct attitude. Be grateful for people who enjoy and live to support others. Nothing in it except the joy it brings to my soul. That is deep for most. Yet, if you complete your due diligence. Just type my full name in and see my unique qualities. That is transparent. I live a virtuous life and share only truth in my actions. That is why I support all of GDI and apply it for more years than you have been online. So, guys and gals. Take it from me. Help is needed. Nothing we accomplish alone. That is all hype if you believe not.

I am closing. Long winded as usual. Getting hundreds to join GDI is not what this is about. Sharing your usage in daily living and business. Allowing people to feel unique enthusiasm that is natural. No sales and hype. All verified action and walk them through GDI, all of it. Share screens to answer questions. That way you have them navigate through all areas of GDI while you are with me. Most of us just need others to be their when needed. I learn by reading, visual and audio. No other way. Then, add action with all of those. It is amazing and becomes part of your life. Just try  it.

Look you have control over one thing in this lifetime. Choice. So, think  and meditate on a vision. Prior to acting on a prompting. Do not allow yourself to be used with hype and false hope. How? Taking a step back and realizing the whole package, per say. That is one of the supportive activities I do day in and out with others. All from the bottom of my huge heart. No one should charge you money. To give support for all of GDI. Run if so and contact me right away for a walk through.

There are those of us. That leap by faith and live with an attitude of gratitude. All was given to me with understanding and work. I share my life and experiences to empower and encourage others. That is love brother and sisters. So, get with me only after you have exhausted all efforts for your sponsor and upline. Hey, you may not even know how to find their contact information. That is another reason why. One may consider learning all of GDI. That way you will not be taken advantage paying monies that have nothing to do with the vision of GDI. Nothing to do with your personal vision with a balanced life. One that has a unshakable foundation. That is worth allowing me to support you through GDI.

Closing, keep smiling and choose to be joyful. That is, each day given to you. There is not use of looking into the past. No one to blame for anything, it has only been the result or lack of. You manifest by choice. So, start learning to make worthy choices that support that hidden vision of your world. Stop waiting and looking for others. That is a wasted life. Just saying!

William, by the way. You just place my full name in and see my unique qualities. That helps vision a person's character. Then, contact me right ways we have lots to accomplish for your overall well being. Nice!
11  Administration / Announcements / Re: Making sure you get the help you need? on: July 26, 2018, 11:36:10 AM
I have seen one or two people post " I' am back". What a wild statement to make. That means they have realized. That, leaving would be failure. I pray they understand doing the same as before. Will not change the end result. Nothing being accomplished?

It takes courage to change one's perception. That I do each day, and everyday. It is a part of knowing. Each day is a gift. No one is guaranteed to live forever? So, why not push myself. To the highest and longest day of all. Why, sleep when I can get so much done for others, today?

Great questions appear each day I live. However, not all the time is one to open the mouth. The best choice, is not to talk. More action, the vision will manifest. Make happen, get it done. Whatever, you choose. It is all up to you. Where you are in your life/business. It is all about the choices you made. You are responsible for not getting stuff done. Having to leave a job and make the choice to work on your own. To have pressure(Which is always in our minds?) to get this or that. It is worse when you have a family. You being the one who is responsible to feed them. Keep them safe. Make sure a roof is over their heads. All the daily in and out choices. It is all about you making the right choice, now.

Hey, keep doing the same stuff. Get the same results. There is never a right time to do anything in this life. You are not to wait for anyone. There will not be a check in the mail. Sharing of a huge lottery. A deceased person leaving you money, property and stuff. That is all in a cheap novel.

When you are sick and tires. Just, sick and tire of the same end result. Then, reach out to me. Only after you have exhausted all efforts. To reach your sponsor and upline. Yes, I know. You feel for all the hype and glitter from that person. The page you landed on. Was, so amazing and it will happen. The only one holding you back, is you. No one can do anything besides pray for you. That I will do when you reach out to me. Also, walk you through all things GDI.

If you establish a solid foundation. GDI will be in your personal life and business. That is a fact and I am a living testimony. There is no such thing as being back? You did not even get started. If you did. You and all would not have doubts if GDI is real. You and others just do not know how to apply GDI. No knowledge of what GDI really is. You and all have an idea. That there is always a shortcut? There is not short cuts in GDI nor life.

You have to put in the time and sweat. The pain of growing right. Building a balance life on the way. Learning to have a reason besides yourself. What is in it for me? Stop being so Vain and become grateful for each moment you live. You may consider spending time daily. Meditating on how you can become part of something greater than self. That means completing a daily "Selfless Act of Kindness" as I have made part of my life.

Hey, the more you create and help others learn their passion. That will awaken their genius within. Which, will help empower them to open their creative side. Which, only focus is to better others lives just in a small way. However, their will be us who dedicate life to support empowering projects. That help communities growth. Support the overall well being of Children and Veterans. Those others living in poverty. That is a huge activity.

Always, enjoying gaining knowledge and sharing it for wisdom to enhance lives. Including yours which will happen. Looking to have amazing journeys. Always activities that would expand your imaginations. Hey, develope weekly activities that surround yourself with joy and laughter. There are too many free events in every location of the world. That happens each week and year long. You may consider spending time with those who share such knowledge. That would open a whole new environment for you. It is mind shaping and I know.

Look and I will be there if you need me. Never forgetting how I was left out in the cold. Found others with liked thinking. Never look back. Each day is where you should focus attention and energy. You cannot change yesterdays. Leave that alone. Only share positive experiences. In ways that only empower others. To wonder and hunger for more from you. It is natural gratitude living. That is what I am listed as mastering.

You have a hidden genius within yourself. It does matter and I appreciate you. That should be a start of positive things happening in your life. The action to move forward. Open a new perception of yourself and this world. Is now, being offered. No rush this is not a sales pitch. I am real and my offer to support you and walk you through all is real. There is no expiration on this open offer. I will be here today and twenty years from now. You are always welcome to connect and change everything you have ever not used to expand that imagination. To manifest all your visions. Knowing and doing are to be as one. Your own vision will become. If you are willing to learn. It takes time. Yet, it is all worth it.

Seeking to help people realize themselves. Open their imaginations and walk them through all of GDI. Once you understand GDI and what it is. The rest is simple. It has never nor will be about. Just getting people to purchase usage of this GDI thing? It is about adding GDI as a part of your daily activities. Sharing what you know it works in parts of your life and business. You have no idea what is being offered for almost nothing. I have been here at the beginning and remained. Why?

William, open to hearing what your understanding of GDI is. Then, walk you through all of GDI. I will ask you the same question after. I know it will have no end to how GDI supports your daily activities and business if you have one. Heck, sharing your core passion. The activity or activities you do or wanted to. Yet, find little to no time in accomplishing it. So, you just daydream. It is wrong to take no action. You would stop daydreaming as a child does. Grow up and mature mentally. Then, only spend time visualizing and meditating on that vision. Then, speaking it into being. By doing activities supporting it being done already. It is mental steps. That is where your world starts to develop the way you visualize it to be. Always changing as you learn more and see your thoughts as creative ways to make things happen in reality. Stop daydreaming which is useless. Start manifesting by visualizing a thing. Then, speak it out loud with your mouth. Then , activity by you as it is done. Speaking as it has already appeared to others. Believing it with you mind. Seeing it with you meditation on it. It will happen. It will manifest. You will open yourself. To be as a creator as you have always been. Just think of it as you never surrounded yourself with those who can support you in that area. Share what they have created by doing the same with there lives.

Just take action today. Reach out to me and prove me wrong. There is not wrong or wright. Just perception in this world. That is something you will soon share in agreement.

Until, you reach out. Enjoy this amazing day!
12  .WS/GDI Discussion / New Member? / Re: Welcome New GDI Members: 2018!!! on: July 24, 2018, 10:34:54 AM
Greetings to all..

another newbie here from New Zealand. There is heaps of info for us to learn
I hope I can get some of them working for me.

All the best to you all..cheers..Peter

Welcome, make sure to spend time watching all tutorials. They are a huyge support library. Also, after you have exhausted your efforts. Reaching out to your upline. If not support given. Then, reach out to me. Do not give up.

We, are all here to help. Please, be aware that there is not additional cost. To have free supporting for all GDI. Thanks for giving us you focused attention. Nothing is impossible. It is all about changing your perspective.

I am here to help.

13  Administration / Announcements / Re: GDI Real Hands On Help! on: July 24, 2018, 10:34:54 AM
If you ever get lost. Tired of shifting through all this GDI stuff. No clue what is next. Have wasted time and effort on getting that person who made you believe allot of hype. Then, do this today. Reach over and locate a way to contact me.

No one should leave you alone within GDI. Thank goodness. There are us. Who, enjoy and devoted ourselves. To the overall wellness of others. Giving our value in time and support. That is why. You can take advantage of all knowing GDI areas. That will enhance you life and/or business.

The first step is your perception. I will help with that. The next would be understanding all GDI. I will help with that. Then, execute the overwhelming usage of GDI. I will help with that.

So, you desire hands on support with GDI. No cost for this and never should be. Yes, getting people all hyped about GDI is easy. Yet, retaining them? Now, you can learn by doing. I have lived through all of GDI. I am easy and will walk you through. No, you have to put in all the work. Yet, I will walk you through my perception. Then, you will develop naturally. Your own. Either Way will be amazing in learning and building your host of others.

Complete you profile and match it up with mine. Then, always use your real name and contact information. How else are others going to contact you. There are people who are just visiting the forum. Looking for someone active. Someone who knows all areas of GDI. Who would support them in all of GDI. That would become you. Easy when you think about it.

Well, Welcome to GDI and if you are lost reach out to me. Stop waiting for a "Right Time". There is never a right time. You must make anytime, your right time.


14  Administration / Announcements / Re: So, Now What? on: July 24, 2018, 10:34:54 AM
So, you have taken all efforts. Yet, not the result you hoped for. No way to get support from that person who made you believe. GDI is more than they could understand. Yet, without knowledge and applied action. You and they. Have no idea what GDI is.

It would bite you. To know, how easy it is to find out. Just there are not short cuts. That means, you would have to learn. I know, who wants to take time to navigate all areas. Prior to allowing others to know about GDI.

The issue is not how fast you can get others to believe your hype on GDI. The same way that person got you to act on a prompting. You leaped prior to knowing what you are suppose to do. How, to do it. Where to start.

That is why, I am here to help. Support you abilities to expand beyond desire to "Have It All" per say. Make unlimited revenue?Huh

Well, whatever the reason you joined GDI. I will walk you through all things about GDI. Then, help you understand how it can and will support your life. The business aswell you visualized. You have to put in the time. The journey begins with us walking through all of GDI. It is easy for you. When, there is someone. Who is always updating steps to learn all GDI has to offer. Not that you would need each area of support. That is, right now.

Come, let us reach your unlimited perception of GDI. I will be with you each step. There should never be anyone. Charging you money. To give free support within GDI. We, have people who are dedicated to support others. Live to keep some ethical balance within our GDI family. I am one of them.

Do not hesitate. There is no right timing. You must, believe in yourself. If you do not. I do. So, make that move today!

Welcome to our GDI family,
15  Administration / Announcements / Re: Making sure you get the help you need? on: July 24, 2018, 10:34:54 AM
It's not difficult to reach out for support. The first step in getting balanced is knowing that you must first start off right. Take time to look around in this forum. See, the active participants. Look at my profile. Then, duplicated each section. If you get lost. Huh Contact me right way. Being patient is the second step of balance.

My Name is William Earl Amis Jr III of Suffolk, MA. I have dedicated my life. To support others true passion. That simply means. We, manifest what your core passion to share with others. In hope to make them aware of living. I hope you would appreciate. The effort of others surrounding your life.

As you open your mind. To unlimited perceptions. That is when true change in your own life. Will happen. It is amazing, and you will never be the same again.

Take the step off of faith. Just knowing that, you have one person, me. That can visualize your achievement in all things. That you can manifest by speaking it out loud with your mouth. Then, using experiences. To take action as though that, is already here. It is all about perception.

Give yourself the knowledge. That will start your true journey. Never look back. Always live each day, as it was your last. No one, is told they will live forever. Stop looking for that one good moment. It doesn't exist. You have to make your own, moments. That is where GDI will help you. Only when you are hungry enough. Then, reach out to me.

Until, that day. You keep going in a circle. Just stop blaming others. Where, you are now. That is all on your own choices. That is the only thing. We, have is free will. Choice!

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