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1  .WS Business / WS Internet Show / Re: Mentoring & Coaching Your TEAM on: November 08, 2005, 03:19:27 AM
Thanks Frank,

Those words are encouraging. The "process" of mentoring involves that patience of a farmer. Plant the seeds
of knowledge with the group and just let them know you're there for them!

Everybody's timing is not the same. Some are doing this full time, some part time, ans some are still simply using
there domain name for personal (non-business) use.

"It's All Good!"

I love the .wsInternet show.

Thanks again for sharing!

Kevin Lankford Cool
2  .WS/GDI Discussion / General Comments / Re: A downline quit, now their downline is un-contactable by me! on: June 28, 2005, 08:00:09 AM
Information about your complete downline is also in the commissions section of your back office. So, if you didn't save their initial contact info you at least have their email address.

Drop them an email and encourage them to contact YOU!

Also; remember the contact downline button in the backoffice too! Keep in touch with your people and your people will keep in touch with you too! Cheesy
3  .WS Business / Team Building / Re: The Power of Network Marketing! on: May 25, 2005, 02:59:40 PM

Network marketing is powerful because of the relationships that you establish in helping others. There's no greater purpose on earth to fulfillment in your own personal life.

When we look at our total organization as both the upline and downline, we create a system of support. Napoleon Hill interviewed 500 millionaires and discovered that they all used the same principle of a mastermind group.

That's why my new slogan for M-L-M is "mentor leading mentors!" Network marketing allows us to step up to the plate as leaders, both in our organization and in our communities.

"The world remembers only those who have conquered it!"

Global Domains International is the vehicle that will take us to wherever your heart desires!

Be a winner!

Kevin Lankford.ws
Mentor Leading Mentors
4  .WS Business / WS Internet Show / Re: YOUR Weekly Radio Show wants... on: May 24, 2005, 04:29:13 PM
Hello Chip,

I LOVE the show!WWW.WSINTERNETSHOW.WS is "HOT!"Spread the word...KevinLankford.ws I never miss it. (even if I miss the live, I catch the archives) Grin

Here's a suggestion....how about LEGAL issues. You know like FTC ability to
question product claims or income claims etc? I sent an email to the show with the name
that I thought would be a good guest. It's just that right now I'm not near that notebook.

There are a lot of legal concerns for us "newbies"

Keep up the good work for a great show!

Best luck and happiness in the future...

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