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1  Administration / Announcements / Re: New WebBuilder!! on: August 21, 2009, 07:39:02 AM
Oooo, yes, I agree. With new version of SiteBuilder and new templates I'm happy as never before. I still have problems with those HTML that remained on my pages, but I'll probably take some time to remove the things in the future though.

I love new templates - some of them being animated. I hope there will be more of them in the future.

Umm ... and about the promissed tutorial ... it's still not in any progress. Make the day have 48 or more hours and then I'll be (maybe) able to do some.

Enjoy site building and have fun!
2  Administration / Announcements / Re: New WebBuilder!! on: November 29, 2008, 12:25:43 PM
I read your message Tajana, and could understand the frustrations of what you were going through.

I have only been sighned up for no more than 16 hours. I went into the Web build it, and had no problems. I compleated my first page in matter of min's. For your computer to do it's dancing, is because the Hard drive needs a good clean,to get rid of all your spywear, and viruses!

The best thing to do is back up to a external hardrive; but make sure all your files are also clean; prior to tranfer. Then have some one to Format fully your hard drive, and reload windows xp; or what ever system your using. Just load up your programes; if you have not got a external hardrive; then I do strongly recommend purchasing a Lacie it is small, and compact; easy to put in your handbag, or pocket.Very light, and No Electric, all from your pc!

Keep all your files on that drive, and keep a minimum programes that you use. you will find your pc won't dance any more! Get a good virus spywear program; that way your pc will remain secure!

I have yet to find my teething problems - if any. as a Newbie; this company as I see it is going to go far!

Happy Computing
Michael Christian  Grin

Yah, but you obviously didn't read the other (latest) messaged from October 30th where I clearly wrote I've saved the problems, but not I, actually support saved them for me. The problems were not spyware and viruses, because I'm not dummy at computering at all (better not to store all my pages, forums and blogs I own over the whole net because the list would be just too long) and besides my harddrive was totally formated so there could be no viruses and spyware (not yet). But the problem was really in SiteBuilder which crashed all my sites. That I know bacause I've tried to access the pages and SiteBuilder from several (not only my) computers, but the thing was always the same. I've written to support and they obviously managed to restore almost everything (except some HTML codes which are visible now).

Also I'm working with so many page builders from Yahoo Geocities or Small business as it's called now to MoonFruit and more and more that I know exactly what I'm talking about and unfortunatelly this one from GDI really (flor now) isn't much user friendly for those who are beginners in these matters.

With preloaded gallery in that last message I thought exactly this - preloaded gallery and my gallery is really preloaded because it's 100 % used and there is no space left (lol).

I also have one external hard drive with about 160 GB memory what at the momment is just enough, but if you would ask me 300 GB or even 1000 would sometimes be insuficient for me using programs like Poser, Bryce, Flash and what is more of them to do animations and staff.

Thank you for advises anyway, but as you see I'm not the one who would be afraid of CPUs and would noly wait what will fly by me to grab. I really had problems in PageBuilder which were not connected with my CPU at all. But what is really true, I have very kind of complicated sites with a lot of photos and such stuff what could be the crashing point in occassions of launching something new after all.

All in all, my site is here again with everything what was on it from music to photos and more ... www.tatjanap.ws ... but what is not much there is about business itself.

Oh, and by the way: I've just came to the idea when watching my old Photo Tutorial for old PageBuilder (which you still can access clicking on External link (for sentimental remembrance of the good old SiteBuilder - lol), to make a kind of video or Power Point tutorial. The only problem is the leak of time, that's all. Maybe one day I'll be able to offer you one, I don't know.

With best wishes
3  Administration / Announcements / Re: New WebBuilder!! on: October 30, 2008, 11:03:22 AM
OK guys, prepare for the MIRACLE!!!! because this is probably the first time in the history that I'll say something commendable.

GDI solved my problem completely (see few pages back what I've written) and everything is there. Everything is fine except for some HTML tags disturbing the things in appearance, but I'll make a corrections on this in a few days.


Then few things which could occur the problems and you don't maybe know them:

  • First thing could be preloaded gallery with all kinds of stuff. (That's one of my problems  Cheesy) what makes SiteBuilder loading very slow when loging in. Suggestion: Throw everything out what you don't need and is not used on the site or anywhere else on the net from there.
  • The second thing (what I've read is your problem) some of you said you can't edit modules you put there with old SiteBuilder. Well, you can do that if you (maybe you didn't notice) click on the mouse icone right by the arows at every module. But it has to be the right click in order of short menu to appear and from which you can chose then what to do.
  • The SiteBuilder is kind of what you see this you get except that you'll maybe experience the slight "moove" of the modules when you open the page for editing again. Well it's not much to do here except to move the modules back again.
  • If your page is too short the modules will net be seen ir will be seen unpropriately. If you click the "Page + button" (I think I've remembered correctly) you'll extend the page for a bit. And the oposite option shortens the page of course.

Well, what to say. I've seen many better tools for webpages creation, but as I see the things now, support at least tries to save all the problems and I believe when all difficulties and problems will be solved, this will be one of the best SiteBuilders ever.


I also owe some of you an appology. I've got some personal messages regarding new SiteBuilder according to help, but I'm rearly on here lately so I appologize for this. I'm quite familiar with this new SiteBuilder already though so if you have any question you can post it here or PM me. I promise I'll come more regularly on here for the reason of helping you.

Have a great day and enjoy it!

4  Administration / Announcements / Re: New WebBuilder!! on: September 15, 2008, 10:48:14 AM
OK, guys, for all of you, who can't access your domain via www.yourdomain.ws, I've discoverred why is it so. You should no longer typw www in front of you domain, but just yourdomain.ws.

In additional, it would be very useful if we could define which page is the first and which the next, in one word that we could define the page order by ourselves. I've created a new page which I want to be .index page (that means main page) but I am (of course) not able to put it on first position even if I name it index.

Well, that's from me. Now ... hard work is waiting for me ...
5  Administration / Announcements / Re: New WebBuilder!! on: September 15, 2008, 10:30:47 AM
Well, I found all the sites, but they're all ruined, and now I encountered one more, much bigger problem. My domain is no more displayed though it's active. When typing www.tatjanap.ws the IE takes me to http://website.ws page. I've clicked repair in my sitebuilder to every page I have and it said they're repaired, but the pages are as much ruined as they were before. I clicked publish, I clicked for all sites to be visibel and here's still nothing.

I presume not only with text boxes is so that if you want to edit them, the only way is deleting them and create new ones. Obviously with pages is the same.

Well, I'm even not so angry anymore, but I'm sad. So much work for nothing?

Well, to write my so angry and frustrating previous comment I have the right to do so. I'm experiencing many more page builders from Yahoo to Moonfruit and (unfortunatelly) I have to say that they're easier and more reliable to run. They're also updated and replaced with new versions from time to time, but I never experienced this kind of (I have the right to say so) disaster.

To those who are new and didn't use old SiteBuilder: Don't worry. You'll not experience this kind of frustrations and my husband who isn't so familiar with building pages is thrilled with it, but we, who are so many years with this business and put a lot of work, stuff and enthusiasm in our pages (I have 11 pages built alltogether with the Guestbook), have all rights to be frustrated, discourraged in a way and also angry.

At least something was fixed, but I am sick to think that I'll have to sit hours and hours behind my CPU creating my pages over again at least a bit like they were before.

Well ... Good luck to all in hope that your domain names are displayed for the change of mine which isn't.
6  .WS/GDI Discussion / General Comments / Re: PM Power! on: August 18, 2008, 03:47:49 PM
Yes I agree, but on the other hand you have to beware of spamming. I surely hate to be spammed, remember this before posting me a PM.
7  Administration / Announcements / Re: New WebBuilder!! on: August 18, 2008, 03:35:15 PM
To my previous comment I can say only this:

1. When I've written the last (previous) somment I have to say that I've waited for nothing as PageBuilder didn't load for me at all.

2. Today I've logged into SiteBuilder to repair some of my sites, but to my very unpleasantly surprise I all of a sudden have no pages but I had them 10 + guestbook.

3. When I tried to repair everything it came to situation that that tab doesn't work at all and so repairing the sites wasn't possible probably because they were simply deleted during the transfer and are there no more.

Sorry to say this, but this all is VERYYYYYY!!!!! UNPROFESSIONAL and the company like you are shouldn't afford something like this at all. What did you think at all (if you think anything at all) that you didn't get some beta testers first who would try sitebuilder first so you could get all the problems and errors away already during this periode? All respected companies are doing so and I know even some geming sites (gaming shouldn't be soo sirious thing after all) who release beta versions and hire some voluntair beta testers first according to avoid such a (can't say different then) shame.

I don't know how will you do this and I don't even care, but as so much effort was put into my sites I want them back as they were.

Yes, sorry, but I am angry for the first time after a long time and I even am reconsiddering the thought of leaving GDI. Having some internet space where I could build my own sites and have my own domain had priority for me here and I didn't even care so much for the earning of some money and now the main purpose was destroyed and is there no more ...

Take a look by yourself
http://www.tatjanap.ws - total disaster in deed.

I just wish no one else would experience something like this. Imagine one is newby in developing websites and with some help from support and members here hardly developed a webpage which maybe even started to bring him/her some money and then one day with the new SiteBuilder it is there no more ... I have no doubt he/she would feel like not crying but scraming out of anger and dispear.

Now my dear GDI heads - DO SOMETHING (other then deleting this post).
8  Administration / Announcements / Re: New WebBuilder!! on: August 09, 2008, 11:25:29 PM
Well ... sory ladies and gentlemen that I have to complain (again), but this SiteBuilder is total disaster. I'm sitting here infront the CPU already for half an hour waiting for it to load, but it loads and loads and loads ... never end of it. Well, I don't have the fastest CPU of the World, but also not the slowest as well so ... Also I can already see these changes are more cosmetic. It would be much better if we would have one such as drag & drop builders or something like this, what is more useful and userfriendly. I'm just curious when this SiteBuilder will upload now, because I can't even exit it properly. What I can do is close the window and that's all, but that's not the way to be things done.

I already contacted support about this, but the facts are the facts and they can't be changed.
9  .WS/GDI Discussion / General Comments / Re: PM Power! on: April 20, 2008, 02:31:31 PM
OK, I found the thing. It was hidden by some miracle.
10  .WS/GDI Discussion / General Comments / Re: PM Power! on: February 22, 2008, 11:02:19 AM
Yah, PMs have its power, but how to access PM inbox as some links which were above the forum, doesn't exist there anymore. Is this a temporarry error or they were removed? I would appriciate if someone would answer me this question.

11  Administration / Announcements / Re: February 19 Newsletter! on: March 24, 2007, 04:18:23 AM
Would it be possible that the newsletter be shorter and written with bigger print, so that reading it will be easier?

Yes, I agree with this too. I'm terrified if I have to read that amount of text and then under links in it more text, and in the underlinks of that text too etc ...

And no offence DPro, but if members would "contribute" to newsletters with their tips, suggestions etc, then for the one the letter would be even longer and this forum would be ded. I think for the tips, experiences etc here's this forum and we all can and are allowed to contribute in so I think this idea isn't particularly good. Besides, these newsletters are the news from inside the company out to the members and not oposite or member to memeber.

And yes, once a month in at least a lenght as those were before or even shorter would be planty enough.

Thank you for reading!

12  Administration / Announcements / Re: February 17 Newsletter on: April 06, 2006, 04:10:23 AM
I agree with You Tatjana 100% and I'm confused about SPAM too ! I saw that one person from my upline is suspended (Disabled for Abuse) and now I will not send any invitations any more! I send all invitations by myself trough the form inside my GDI page. Before I send invitations, I contact every person on my list and ask: "Can I send You invitation?". After that some of that persons marked my messages and I saw it on my invitation list as "opted out"! If I can be accused of spam because of that I will not send any invitation in the future in all!
Thank You for Your page and advices through this forum! That help us very much in start Tatjana! I'm talking about people from Europe! I'm from Croatia an so many people wants to join to this fantastic program, but they don't know english language! We must translate them and explain them everything! It's so hard!  Undecided We must present this program by "one on one" system.
Can we open one topic in this forum on our language for people from the parts of ex. Yugoslavia? For Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Makedonia etc.? Our languages are very similar and we understand each other very well so that will be nice...
I prepare everything here and I got over 20 people who are waiting for my signal to join GDI!  Wink
What do You think about special promotion? Every person who join over my GDI webpage and become active (paid) member after 7 days of free trial period will get min. 1 active (paid) member in his downline in the next 30 days from me!  Roll Eyes
Is that O.K.? I'm confused... Can I be acused of SPAM because of that? Is that against regulations? Huhhh  Huh

Nicole, can we do that?!  Kiss

Thank You! Greetings from Croatia!

Hello! I would agree with everything you've just said and if you have a will and enthusiasm (which after some happenings I just can't gain anymore) your actions would be much appreciated. I've offered help in translation already long ago, but I see even with major languages nothing happens, so I believe we will have to wait for a long time to acheve all this if you wouldn't do it alone.

And something else: If I purcheese leads from somewhere else and even if I call the prospects - how can I ever prove I really called them? There's no way and my opinion is that whatever you do you may be acused of spamming if one choose to do so ... Sending invitations to the people who you don't know from your (GDI) invite system is always a hazard and your own choice ...

Good luck to everybody and thanks to all of you who considdered my advises and messages useful.

13  Administration / Announcements / Re: February 17 Newsletter on: February 22, 2006, 05:18:13 AM
Well, I agrea with what said here, but I'm more and more confused about spam. I've read the Anti-spam policy three times, considdered every possibility not to make any spamming, but I'm not sure of anything else, so this all discouraged me to do anything at all. My husband had so much problems with claiming his bonus prices due to spamming which I'm sure he didn't do, that I don't even have any desire to winn any bonnus pole share at all.

Well, now I know this is for FAQs or something like that topic, but as we're talking about spam policies here, I'll grab the opportunity and ask one simple question which demands the simple answer:


I would finally like to get answer to this question and don't say that this is the question for Support department as I never got the answer about this from them at least not clear one!

Thank you very much!

14  .WS Services / Showcase Your Website / Re: Share Your WebSite...Part 4 (contd.) on: February 14, 2006, 11:12:52 PM
    I joined GDI early this week.  Can you help me with tips on web building and search engines to advertise.

Hi Deborah and welcome. I was unable to comment on your site as it forwards to your generic site.

Agree with you Rod!

Deborah, you have to unforward the page first that you would be able to build it ... I've written a lot of tips and help on this forum, so follow my avatar on the left side of the messages and you'll maybe find something useful ...

15  .WS Services / Showcase Your Website / Re: Share Your WebSite...Part 4 (contd.) on: February 14, 2006, 11:03:30 PM
Well everyone here is what I have done,this far on my site.....I`m going to keep the picture I have for now.But getting one done of me and the wife to put on it later.I realize there isnt a whole lot of text on it,like i said it is still under construection.But there is a midi file on it to so turn up your speakers.Hope you like what I have so far!.  Smiley


Hi This site has a broken image in the top of the page and at least one unclosed > in the HTML. Otherwise good layout so far.

Well, Rod, I've helped Scott to create this little page. I've seen the error, but said frankly I couldn't figure out how to correct it. You know very well that I'm the SiteBuilder master and not HTML/FTP one ...  Smiley Maybe deleting this site and put it together again would help ...

I'm also aware that the photo is too lightenned. I've promissed to correct this, but sorry, I didn't manage to do this yet. Time is just not my ally ... Can someone borrow me some extra hours of the day so I would have 26 or 28 hours per day? - lol  Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

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