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1  .WS Services / WebSite Development / Re: Site builder query on: March 06, 2014, 09:56:18 AM
Why can't we access the SiteBuilder?  I came back to GDI, was a member a long time ago.  I discontinued it.  They have now made some wonderful changes.  That is why I came back!  Now I can't access what I am paying for.  I am still on the trial, it that why or is a system glitch.  I am doing the Learning Bonus.  I click on the link and it takes me to My Domains.  Then if I click on Build Your Website, it shows the SiteBuilder Robot Image Page and then after 3 seconds the page changes to My Domains Page, not giving access to SiteBuilder.  This was the whole reason I wanted this package, fo SiteBuilder.  How do you complete your Learning Bonus if the site will not give you access to the tasks required to get the bonus?  How do I promote this and just offer domain and hosting, and not offer this site builder and justify the cost?  Doesn't make me very confident in promoting GDI, can someone fix this?  This is a great opportunity, if you have the tools you were supposed to receive with the package!  How do you ever hit a bonus if they are unrealistic and you can't achieve them because the website has a glitch that will make them unattainable.  Some one Please help.  I have already referred 3 people in 2 days.  I have integrated this with another business I have, so they join this as part of a package.  I will have sign-ups every day! I just don't want my name attached to a business that does not deliver what we are selling!  Hope Someone has an answer, haven't had 1 question answered by support and have placed multiple support tickets.  Thanks if you can help!
2  .WS Services / WebSite Development / Re: Site builder query on: March 06, 2014, 09:55:02 AM
Click on Change DNS on your My Domains.  This will access the site builder
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