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Title: Earning People's Choices To Serve Them!
Post by: WilliamAmis on November 19, 2020, 04:06:54 PM
Welcome Guest and New GDI Family

Yes, that is the true question based on all the research within this forum. Daily I watch all the trends and it shows people are wasting time and money with purchasing outside lists, telephone resources, etc...They do not work, based on people will join and never stay. They have no leadership willing to walk them through all of GDI first, then help them learn how to apply that wisdom to their unique life and needs. We have resolved this issue and you benefit without paying anything for our support. Nice, we believe in GDI and use it for vast years. Now you can also and not have to pay us one dime. No more excuses with explanations.

There is and always has been one true proven and no monetary (Money) cost to getting people to know what you offer and how to work with you. That is simply "Word Of Mouth" which is proven the most effective natural method of Advertising.

Companies pay my company tons to get their message across to vast areas they decided to target. Hey, they waste money with other methods. Nevertheless, I walk them through our way, the true GDI way and approaching people with earning their consideration is the best practice.

Now, if you are a GDI family member and desire to get this right the  first time. After you have exhausted all attempts to have your people who convinced you with all the hype about their vast knowledge in business. Well, no you can't get them to help you make it right? Contact me by completing what we call a "Commitment" document.

Think of it as a method we use to make sure you can follow easy steps. The ability and hunger you have is focused without Vanity, Greed and Fear. That is the old method to get people to purchase worthless stuff and being here you must have had years of falling for the next shining thing?

Well, GDI is not anything you have imagined. No matter your degrees and experience selling others products/procedures...

My company and self, invest in people like yourself. We invest our resources, money and efforts in you. It's about time someone believes in you without a hidden agenda. That is us!

Just complete our form and I will personally be accountable for walking you through all of GDI with my determination and commitment. You will awaken strategic awareness in how GDI will be applied to your life. Each person since GDI conception. Never will have the same usage for GDI. So, think of it as a tool to shape as you vision your future self.

Come let us walk through an amazing journey of wonder. While you receive the overflow of favor in needed areas of your life.

My only agenda is to earn your acceptance in considering allowing me to be held accountable for your manifestation of a future without lacking basic needs and establishing something to help others achieve greatness as you will.

Come let us enjoy without any rush...this invitation to me is open for a lifetime. Nothing worthwhile is rushed. Please complete your due diligence on people and companies prior to being involved with them. Just go to LinkedIn and place my full name William Earl Amis, Jr. III and research my ethical years and honorable service.

Then, return to complete this form and I will be sent a message to contact you...Making the right choice at the beginning is critical and will save you years of disappointment.

Here to complete the “Commitment” form.

Title: Re: Earning People's Choices To Serve Them!
Post by: WilliamAmis on April 20, 2021, 11:35:23 AM
Welcome GDI family and Guest
It's been a challenging past year and looking forward to a rewarding new one. It's been several weeks without posting and encouraging "Real Human Interaction" within GDI.

My purpose and agenda is always ethically transparent. Not anyone can please everyone. That said, some may ask for support without being willing to stay consistent doing their part. Which is simple, show up and do the work?

Nothing is easy within GDI. Think about how you get unlimited walkthrough in applying GDI foundation in your life and establish a real company vs just selling products. That is what we call having a "Business".

Hey, we need those who market our products and services. That is what and how most people become aware what a company doesn't. Nevertheless, you joined and may look at vast articles/post this person released. Think, just take action when you get prompted. I ask no rush we have been here for over 10 years and will continue.

Just contact me day or night. Allow, us to earn your consideration and walk you through all GDI. That way you get it right the first time. It cost you nothing for a real hands on support. So, take your time and contact me when you are ready.

William ::)

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