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Title: How About Real Human Interaction-Walk Throughs vs So Called Training...
Post by: WilliamAmis on November 19, 2020, 03:59:32 PM
Welcome to GDI those members and viewers/guests

We are dedicated to all who desire to gain clarity of GDI and also learn how to use it in their unique vision. That purpose is what you joined GDI. Hoped that within the 7-Day trial period. You would somehow master GDI and learn all the navigation locations. Clearly have an understanding how GDI supports your vision which made you join? Really, that is not possible no matter if you're one of our techs who help keep this location active and moving forward...

Hey, someone has to let you and others understand GDI is a foundational tool and you do not sell tools based on we are not the manufacturers. You take GDI and apply it to your own unique purpose.

Now, what is your purpose is what myself and you would release and that is only through you putting in the effort. Heck, your effort with our supportive walk through each area of GDI. You will be able to know what it is and how to use GDI. Then, with our unlimited lifetime accountability for your growth. You then will achieve vast accomplishments sharing your visions and how they manifest through utilizing GDI as it was created for, all to have a tool that works for all ideas.

Let's allow me to earn your acceptance for support through GDI and use my own Effort, Revenue and Resources to get you where you visioned. Your obligation is to learn, and be consistent with the effort of your own that you learned. Then, keep the access open by paying each month the required GDI fee.

Myself and my company live through GDI being our foundational tool for our real forty-plus year company and soon opening our Nonprofit. We live to eradicate the lack of basic needs for individuals and community growth projects.

So, the only question in all of our forum should be, William, how do I contact you after my upline, those who gave me hope of GDI failed to support me? Simply look at the bottom and establish what we call a "Strategy" session. They are only 15 minutes yet we will walk through GDI all and you will have clarity on how GDI is a lifetime part of your vision.

It takes place at vast times, each day...I will be waiting!!!

Just Saying,


Title: Re: How About Real Human Interaction-Walk Throughs vs So Called Training...
Post by: WilliamAmis on June 14, 2021, 11:44:03 AM
Let's Make This Simple!

We offer no cost lifetime support. You joined our "GDI" family, per say. Each unique and equipt with "Skill Sets" given to use in your life.

GDI well, consider with our encouragement. Think of all location online as just tools. Get it, tools and based on your passion to serve people,communities,earth. We will walk you thought until you find that one passion which will become your new company.

Legacies, are not wished upon? They are not just visioned? We must use advisors which cost nothing, people live to help you on a worthy cause. Just consider not focusing on Vanity, Greed and Fear...

Next, contact me today!

We will walk you through how you have 10 per-established departments for your new company...etc...

Did we catch your attention...never looked at GDI as a foundational tool, yet each one of you focus on how fast, you can get people to believe in the gaining vast money. How money will help you and your family. How money from others will remove basic lack of needs. Wrong, it's how you gain, use and provide for others that increases an overflow of money.

Never, if you just get this. Focus on money = Greed, then Vanity manifest lastly Fear of loosing the little you have. Perhaps that is why we are strategically placed in your life for a season.

Nothing is by chance, luck, etc...

Call me Will...just call me, Ha ha ha

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