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Title: "Real Talk" with Will
Post by: WilliamAmis on November 19, 2018, 02:27:24 PM
Hey, Welcome First and Far most!

Just wanted to be real with all of our new and old members in GDI. I speak only from my own experiences. This will be the only location I will be announcing my experiences all with GDI as my foundation in life and business expressions.

You may wander why I have been in GDI so long? Maybe, I have changed my perception of noticing how people get lost. Most people who embark on GDI. They, have dreams and visions unrealized. Hope to have GDI work for their advantages. May it be for money most of you are here to gain. You may want to allow time. To adjust your eyes from what I call "Glitter" hypnosis. You see a new things online. Hear about something amazing. Then, see one of GDI marketing ads. You start to cry for something to make your financial situations infuse with money. Maybe, you desire to setup a launching location with a blog or site. To share you passions or hobbies. May it be to make money or not. That is all worthy and understandable.

No one wants to put in the work, per say. That is where 98% of you fail. You give up without reaching out to your upline and myself. I must know something about using GDI as a tool. That is what it is? You can dream and fantasy about how you are going to make millions overnight. No one ever has and nor will with any tool and platform. It is just a marketing joke. GDI is not anything like other tools online. You get more than your $10.00 per month worth. Just things must develop for each person. No one is the same and never will be.

Hey, if I show you by walking you through all GDI areas. Express my enthusiasm with my usage. You share with me your story. We all have them. Share and walk me through what you vision to accomplish using GDI. Then, we will walk through how to apply all of GDI to your life. To accomplish that vision unrealized until now. This is all what I do day in and out.

Make sure you are ready to grind, per say. You will have to put in the time, effort and sweet. Blood and sweet. It is about the "24 Hour" thing. You have herd about that right? No, well most have not and that is their downfall with GDI and life. Not trying to hurt you feelings. Just awake-up calling as I say.

Consider, stop with joking and wasting time and money. You should be tired of having the same out come in your life. Spent money you never had. Loss of family, friends most even marriages. How many scams and themes have wasted your money time and life. You end up jumping to one thing and another. Hey, when you get tired of playing like you know it all. Reach out to me. Only after you have exhausted all efforts to get help from your upline.

I hope you will reach out today. I believe in "Today Mentality". Just get up and do it now. I have hope in you. I appreciate you. You give me 90 days and we will accomplish all and anything through GDI as a foundation. That is all based on my experience and gained wisdom in life. I am a real person. But, do not waste my time and yours. If you are not willing to walk with me through each area. Then, stop trying to inject your old ways of believing you know what you are doing. You would not be reading my words if you did. You would not be in GDI if you did. You would not be failing each time you ever embarked on a new project. Only to realize you do not know what the heck you are doing.

Yes, be sick and tired of failing. Which, is not failing at all. Only when one gives up they are considered a failure. We, will rectify all errors you have made and begin a new. You have a choice. Do something or continue playing as you are doing everything. I rather be thought of one without anything. Having all things and more. Than to look good and act like I am doing things, yet not even be able to feed myself and/or family. Think about it.

Just do something today!

Fiercely Courageous,
617-433-8078 Today call me

Title: Re: "Real Talk" with Will
Post by: WilliamAmis on November 25, 2018, 04:08:32 PM
Hello, all who have read and re-read this brief display of free support with GDI.

Hey, conclusion would be to call me right now. However, most have too much pride. Let it go already. I am just a person who lives well. To serve others is how my life has been blessed. The more my heart cries out to help more people. I read all the states weekly within GDI. Too many people give up in a matter of days.

That makes me hurt inside. I have been here waiting for those of you. Who can stop trying it your way. Then, let us be as one. Walk through by me sharing what works in my life. You share first what you vision as your future self. Then, I will walk you through everything GDI, as we say.

You make it the choice of allow me to serve just you. I will invest in you vs things. That is my way of living. I have been awaken to a perception. That benefits me and each person I walk through based on their usage of GDI. I have found it always works if you share your story. We, each have one. Just start by calling me today. Only after you have exhausted your efforts for help from your upline.

Fiercely Courageous

Title: Re: "Real Talk" with Will
Post by: WilliamAmis on November 25, 2018, 04:08:32 PM
Take notice and call me today!
No one can accomplish much within anything of value in this life, alone. Do not try to understand and navigate within GDI alone. That is why some of us passionate seasoned GDI family members. Always keep a door open, per say. To allow all of you support.

Most will read all I have shared for these years. Hope is good but nothing without action. Hey, you give us 60 days to walk you through what we use. Then, decide to see if GDI is amazing as I say. I only speak from application of GDI. You will understand how I find limitless usage of GDI.

Take chance and learn the way to use it for your unique life. No one uses GDI the same. The only thing we will agree. GDI is a financial foundation tool. Let me show you. Call today!

Fiercely Courageous

Title: Re: "Real Talk" with Will
Post by: WilliamAmis on December 26, 2018, 11:43:45 AM
How time has past and I have still open up my supportive time for all of you...

Let us get our foundation with GDI setup. Through all you daily stuff and "Me" time. You do have hours to continue to grow with GDI. I can share how I use it and also adjust usage for each of your visions of you in the future. That is what I focus on. Helping you and others apply all things GDI.

The time you spend running around online. Has nothing to do with realizing. GDI has the best options. To allow all your online experiences. Personal development and interaction with real people. Also, establishing departments communication and production contact points.

Let me share more with usage. Just reach out to me today!

Fiercely Courageous,

Title: Re: "Real Talk" with Will
Post by: WilliamAmis on December 26, 2018, 11:43:45 AM
What If?

Hey, think about what if you could establish all you need. To launch your vision of a future you. Right here, within GDI?

Well, consider being you with us. There is only "We" not "I" when you combined. Us as one force to support you. That one vision you see in the future. Will manifest when you reach out for support.

You consider 7 days is not enough time for your to learn to navigate through GDI. You would be amazed. What GDI is offering. The more you engulf yourself in all areas of GDI. The more you will realize. The unlimited usage.

I would be honored. To share my usage inside GDI and support you to accomplish your vision. It is simple when you have others supporting you.

Nothing is done alone. You can challenge yourself. We, will walk through all GDI. While establishing your foundation. Then, walk you through GDI in your life.

Nothing to do except challenge me.


Title: Re: "Real Talk" with Will
Post by: WilliamAmis on January 02, 2019, 06:26:08 PM
I had hoped that all would reach out prior to giving up. Never believe you are alone. This is a new year approaching. Let you not forget.

We, are all one in GDI. No need to stumble over yourself. This is one person who is always open to walking you through. All there is to understand and prepare GDI as your foundation.

You can do all things together. Let us not waste anytime in 2019. Just reach out after you have given all to get a response to your upline. I am a real person who is passionate about all GDI.

Looking to make this a happier year to come.


Title: Re: "Real Talk" with Will
Post by: WilliamAmis on February 01, 2019, 02:33:41 PM
Hello everyone who is new and old...

GDI is an amazing find only when you have dedicated and passionate others. Walk you through all there is to know based on your unique needs, desires and vision of a future self.

We, myself and other dedicated global people. Who have committed over 30 years to enhancing the lives of people such as yourself. Hey, even if you own your own company as many of us do. We, choose to only serve Pro-Bona all GDI and never accept anything for our devoted time.

You may ask why you have not herd of any of us. That is the way we choose to live. In the background per se. You can and will enjoy all the you can vision through using GDI as what it truly is, tool/service. It all depends on your willingness to gain a new and amazing perception.

Hey, the cost is zero except your dedicate time. A few task here and there....

Reach out only after you have exhausted your efforts. To gain clarity from the person who given you this awesome insite location. I will prove it through my years of usage and experience.

No all is Pro-Bono and never pay anyone for something that is given to you. There is a difference when people with purpose and passion walk through something with you. Than, those out for selling and hustling stuff.

Think of a few of us dedicated through life. Fell upon GDI as yourself. I was blessed to be since conception. It is remarkable to see people try to hustle and sell when it is not about that at all.

Test me as you should. It cost you nothing but you will lose money and time if not. Wow

BB (Brotherbill) Yes, I will walk you through truth and awareness based on your unique situation and we will manifest your vision of your future you. I express this from my own experience and over 30 years giving my time, life and knowledge Pro-Bono as always through my own company. No need to rush all is open and I will be here another 30 years offering the same

Take you time and become aware of truth and transparency. All is accomplish with a "We" perception. I will walk you through it and you just return the same with others. Agreed?

Call me right away...

Title: Re: "Real Talk" with Will
Post by: WilliamAmis on October 21, 2019, 04:26:04 PM
Good Evening to all GDI and guest!

We face a new year arriving and time to get serious about learning all GDI has to offer. You are not alone and everyone spends more time making feeble attempts to get other just to join GDI. There is more about this location and the tools it supplies. Why not do it right the first time?

I believe in each person when they join GDI. Nevertheless, we are here to support you and make sure learning if the first on your list. No one can do anything within GDI that will last. If you do not learn first and apply it as a foundation. This is not a rush and get rich junk thing?

When you are done wasting time and wondering where you upline is. Reach out to me and we will walk you through how to apply GDI to your vision. No one uses GDI the same as it is vast and your perception must change with your environment.

Let us have fifteen minutes and watch how things are clear. I am here from the begining and will be five years from now. Work as one with us and we will have you gain more understanding and launch that idea...


Title: Re: "Real Talk" with Will
Post by: WilliamAmis on December 30, 2019, 11:48:58 AM
My travels has kept me from posting recent supportive and encouraging words for all to seek our support. Prior to giving up with this "GDI" thing....

No one person should attempt to apply this amazing tool, that is just what GDI is a tool. Now, each person has their own perception on how it will enhance their lives and opportunity to support their company. Those who sale various products of others, this tool will increase your public awareness, decrease your overall operational expenses and consistent revenue growth. Only when applied correctly.

That is only based on my company and self experience over forty-years I have been able to provide "Pro-Bono support. How about we walk through your situations and show you the best application in GDI to use?

Hey, we even have a huge need for those who master GDI navigation to get paid for their "Skill Sets". Now have we caught your attention?

Contact me day or night for real interaction within GDI to master and profit.


Title: Re: "Real Talk" with Will
Post by: WilliamAmis on January 27, 2020, 11:46:38 AM
So, wondering why people accept to join in GDI. Then, look around for a minute. Return after about 30 days and give up? Not really interested in excuses with explanations. Not when we offer unlimited support all day and night.

The activity you put in learning about all navigation within GDI. Knowing it is a foundation access point. Now how to use it in your life and company is where people like myself offer free support. So, stop going around in circles.

Just reach out today!


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