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Title: You are not alone!
Post by: WilliamAmis on July 26, 2018, 11:36:10 AM
Hi, GDI family members and visitors!

There could be allot said. Our efforts to support all within GDI at no additional cost. That is something I have lived by since beginning. Never looking back and always positive.

Think and take time to navigate. Look at my Profile and send a hello message. I am always willing to put aside what I am doing. To support a GDI family member. Life is about giving of one's self. I have believed in all that approach me. Being joyful and laughing through all situations they believe is hopeless. But together we move through all obstacles. That is a lesson I repeat daily.

Just never stop moving forward. Learning about GDI all. Go to "Members Area" . On the left is all the commands and learn them. The tutorials as well watch them. Get popcorn and munchies. Watch with note pad and write questions. Then, watch again until you answer those questions. Learn to navigate by visiting areas there. All of them. No matter what you assume. Learning all of them will make you able to walk new people through everything about GDI.

We, learn by doing. So just get it done. There is no fast way to accomplish your unique vision using GDI and all of it's tools. That is why learning what the heck GDI is. That is key.

Well, in closing this message. I pray all well and joy.


Title: Re: You are not alone!
Post by: Wisdom Dunyoh on August 03, 2018, 03:29:03 PM

My name is Wisdom and am new in GDI.
I can't seem to set my email, keeps saying server busy.

Can I also configure my DNS server. It seems its locked
out for me. Can't have access.

All these are slowing me down.

I really appreciate your help. Thank u

Title: Re: You are not alone!
Post by: Haupt F on August 14, 2018, 06:40:49 PM
Good day, I am Haupt from South Africa.
Looking forward to building a paradise for dreams.

Title: Re: You are not alone!
Post by: JamieTenney on August 20, 2018, 11:47:36 AM
Hello there new to the GDI family as well and taking the time to go through my member area. I am having issues trying to get my emails on my phone?
Any tips? I am entering all info as requested but getting an error that says it isn't responding and that I can continue but wont receive nor be able to send emails until it verified?

Title: Re: You are not alone!
Post by: WilliamAmis on November 19, 2018, 02:26:38 PM
My efforts have touched vast numbers!~

Try to believe that your perception will change. Only when you gain control over knowing you have ownership. That one thing, choice. That is all you can claim. Know let us walk through what is next....

You my consider sharing with me your vision. That one purpose, idea or project. That will support and enhance other's lives. The more you give and provide for others. That is when your vision of a future will manifest.

I am willing and able to share steps through first and last. Nothing ask for. Except you being joyful and sharing steps with others you may meet. Travel and enjoy learning each day. Have adventures through each day. Hunger for knowledge and life will open up unlimited views. I will share mine with you.

Looking forward in hearing from all of you. I only hope you will understand. All good things take time. GDI is not going to make you famous or prosperous in one day. Just get over the hype. That is serious transparency I live by.

Some have been hurt by my forwardness. Some believe they can continue their old ways. Then, gain some magical key from me. That is foolish and would never happen. I am real and will walk you through real life activities. That will manifest your own vision of your own future. Always changing like time. Every day is a new chance to change your perception of your world. I live to serve and only have time for truth. Choice is the only ownership of mine.

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