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Title: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on January 25, 2017, 08:13:24 AM
Everyone who is in GDI, please take note. I am here only to help and support your learning about all GDI. Navigation is the key!

Welcome, to all who are returning and those of you who are new. We will walk through every area for your to understand how to use GDI to your own cause. No one is here for the same reason in using GDI in their lives. So, take notice and reach out.

We believe in you making contact to the person who introduced you. They are part of your upline. However, if you exhaust all efforts. Then, reach out to me prior to giving up.

Make sure you complete your profile within this forum. Just use your real name and contact information. If you ever want others to work with you. You will be able to navigate all areas. Understand how to use GDI not only for yourself, yet for others. Those who will be honored to join GDI as you clarify how it is a tool that will establish their foundation.

Just do something each day and not just talk. Action is the key.

Hope to hear from all of you. I am going to remain active as a have been for many many years. Look inside this forum and notice those who are still active. You will come to the conclusion. Those who never learn. Leave and come back time and time again. Yet, never seem to understand what to do no matter our tutorials and my hands on help being offered for years. All is free to learn and understand. So do not be taken by any false offers.

There you have it. One of the first and main quality shares to get the GDI tool working for you.

Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on January 27, 2017, 10:59:45 AM
Good Morning GDI family!

Hey, picture yourself here in GDI. Not knowing what to do? Yes, everyone comes to this place and then, cannot get going the right way. Ask yourself. After all the hype has gone. What the heck is GDI for you? No, you cannot answer that question. Until, you learn what is GDI and how it is the only base for your real foundation. Either you are here for making a little money. By adding this GDI tool in the right way to make what you want to share with others, a reality. Maybe, you want to support a business idea. GDI has pre-established departments. Did you know that? Yes, 10 of them and I will walk you through.

Key, it is all about enthusiasm and perception. I will introduce you to yours. Yes, bring them out and never will you be the same again. It is about you sharing your product, services and processes. GDI will make that happen without all the hype and hidden agendas.

That is rare. So, get with me soon. Only after your upline has not responded.

Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on March 09, 2017, 06:46:58 AM
I have spent over 40 years serving at others pleasure. My hope will be that more people will jump on being real. Stop with no contact with real conversations. We are people who are empowered by real touch and sight. How, can you expect to navigate through GDI and understand how to use this tool? You can't without someone supporting your endeavors. I am that person.

We will walk you through each area of GDI. You will continue to learn and know how to apply all that GDI has to offer. You need not spend time and money at so many locations? We, have it all in one location and you can realize your return on this investment. By, learning and having a real face to face conversation.

If you think anyone has made millions by just emailing and online. No human contact and conversations. Please, read some of my articles. You will have an awakening and then you can reach out to me. I have been here and always pray to be able to support you and others within our GDI family. Test me and see how well we can have you up and realize. Just getting people to use GDI is not how you will help them. You must learn and then teach all about GDI as a foundational tool.

My hope would be you find my link to choose what way and when. We can get together and have you up and be running. Do not give up and loose balance. Most leave and return to find all they had to do is ask for help. Simple and that is what we want for you. Please, come over to me and ask for support for your endeavors. I live to serve.

Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on April 21, 2017, 07:45:36 AM
Hello, everyone has a choice and this is one I pray you make. You have arrived in GDI and now need to learn what to do first.

Come, let us conversate and walk you through how to setup your foundation first with GDI as the core balance. That is what is needed along with navigational support. We can setup a blog or site in minutes. I have a way to share my screen and walk you through. Just to note: I have spent more than 33 years online and have learn more than most in navigational ways. I have learn the in's and out of GDI. Learn to apply it in my daily life activities as you will.

No matter your reason for joining our family within GDI. You will not be left alone if you are reading this. Just contact me from below at my preferred location is

Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on May 16, 2017, 08:49:44 AM
Hello, welcome to GDI

Tell yourself, "I am going to create amazing memories using GDI as the tool it is. Learning, to apply GDI in your daily living, business and socializing. That is the key.

The challenge: Get to love and clearly understand. Daily activity in navigating and interaction with those who are live, in the forum, a must. There are not many of us. They, join and we try our best to ask them to call, reach out to us. Let this be the day you reach out. While you just joined.

Once, the glamour and excitement calms down. Let me serve at your pleasure. By, walking you through the areas that are essential. It is fun. While we accomplish a walk-through. Allow, me to listen as you share why you choose to join GDI. What is the passion behind that choice to make others aware of. Then, and only then can we move forward. To share how GDI will enhance your manifesting of that one passionate vision, using GDI as the foundation.

May you continue to be eager in pursuing your dreams. Allow, not stopping and keep visualizing every moment. It does work, and I will share my story one day. This is the step you choose and now you have me to support you through making your vision a reality. No, extra hidden charge. I do this as my daily "Selfless Act Of Kindness". It brings joy inside of my life and warmth in my heart. Seeing people accomplish amazing things. Just to be a small part of it, is my reward.

Contact me right now and we will being. Just understand, each time we connect it is only at 15 minute intervals.  That is the minds span, of paying attention, happily.

I appreciate you!

Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on October 10, 2017, 10:40:49 AM
Hello, waiting to help all who have exhausted efforts to their sponsor and upline.

Come let us walk through areas of GDI so you can understand it , use it and then share it. That is all there is to GDI and expanding your network.

Let me show you how.


Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on March 05, 2018, 07:41:23 PM
Hello, Took a vacation for the first quarter of this year!

The process is sometimes. One must enjoy life by living it. Truly getting away from the computer and ask all those who I consult for. Let me get back to you some other time. That is the genius of allowing real actions each day. To shape my supporting of others. Not many can say that.

If you came within GDI. Believing anything but work is required. You are only fooling yourself. If you collect a W2. Meaning, working for a paycheck. Then, you are not self-employed. You are just playing as a business owner.

When I work I get paid. That is me using my brains and ethical support to product a service or product. That will bring in revenue to support my projects and lifestyle.

We, are all here to help you. That cost nothing. Just be honest and do not waste your life with dreaming. Then, doing nothing. Just reach out and watch how well and easy you will learn to navigate through GDI.

We, will walk you through how to use GDI. That makes your passion pays. Then, learn how to grow using just your natural abilities. Not more money out of your pocket. Hey, there is enough wealth to go around the world. You must dedicate learning and earning at the same time.

That is all I have for now. Take care and really reach out. I am a real person.

Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on July 24, 2018, 10:34:54 AM
If you ever get lost. Tired of shifting through all this GDI stuff. No clue what is next. Have wasted time and effort on getting that person who made you believe allot of hype. Then, do this today. Reach over and locate a way to contact me.

No one should leave you alone within GDI. Thank goodness. There are us. Who, enjoy and devoted ourselves. To the overall wellness of others. Giving our value in time and support. That is why. You can take advantage of all knowing GDI areas. That will enhance you life and/or business.

The first step is your perception. I will help with that. The next would be understanding all GDI. I will help with that. Then, execute the overwhelming usage of GDI. I will help with that.

So, you desire hands on support with GDI. No cost for this and never should be. Yes, getting people all hyped about GDI is easy. Yet, retaining them? Now, you can learn by doing. I have lived through all of GDI. I am easy and will walk you through. No, you have to put in all the work. Yet, I will walk you through my perception. Then, you will develop naturally. Your own. Either Way will be amazing in learning and building your host of others.

Complete you profile and match it up with mine. Then, always use your real name and contact information. How else are others going to contact you. There are people who are just visiting the forum. Looking for someone active. Someone who knows all areas of GDI. Who would support them in all of GDI. That would become you. Easy when you think about it.

Well, Welcome to GDI and if you are lost reach out to me. Stop waiting for a "Right Time". There is never a right time. You must make anytime, your right time.


Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on November 19, 2018, 02:26:38 PM
Hello everyone, life is too easy...

The point of having communication. That is in GDI forum. To have anyone reach out to gain support. Hands on real people support. You share anywhere else. That has a passionate team of people. Willing to place all in your life. To enhance you through the world of GDI.

I am one person that will always continue to serve others. I do this for nothing in return. Yes, I am weird and love it. You have to be. Those of us with that quality is amazing to have as a supporter.

The next time you read this. Leap to call me and let us walk through your questions and concerns. Then, I will be able to "Lead by Example".

Fiercely Courageous

Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on November 25, 2018, 04:08:37 PM
Everyone who needs real hands on help. Go into "Real Talk" with me. That is where I will update each time I can. Just reach out today!

Fiercely Courageous

Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on December 26, 2018, 11:43:45 AM
Look for my updated one location to support all of you. No time is wasted and given all the time I have. You can not do this alone. GDI is a tool to support your growth and business. Allow, us to serve you in real time. You can reach out all day and it will be done. Your real hands on support.

Come, today reach out.


Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on February 01, 2019, 02:33:41 PM
Hello everyone who is new and old...

GDI is an amazing find only when you have dedicated and passionate others. Walk you through all there is to know based on your unique needs, desires and vision of a future self.

We, myself and other dedicated global people. Who have committed over 30 years to enhancing the lives of people such as yourself. Hey, even if you own your own company as many of us do. We, choose to only serve Pro-Bona all GDI and never accept anything for our devoted time.

You may ask why you have not herd of any of us. That is the way we choose to live. In the background per se. You can and will enjoy all the you can vision through using GDI as what it truly is, tool/service. It all depends on your willingness to gain a new and amazing perception.

Hey, the cost is zero except your dedicate time. A few task here and there....

Reach out only after you have exhausted your efforts. To gain clarity from the person who given you this awesome insite location. I will prove it through my years of usage and experience.

No all is Pro-Bono and never pay anyone for something that is given to you. There is a difference when people with purpose and passion walk through something with you. Than, those out for selling and hustling stuff.

Think of a few of us dedicated through life. Fell upon GDI as yourself. I was blessed to be since conception. It is remarkable to see people try to hustle and sell when it is not about that at all.

Test me as you should. It cost you nothing but you will lose money and time if not. Wow

BB (Brotherbill) Yes, I will walk you through truth and awareness based on your unique situation and we will manifest your vision of your future you. I express this from my own experience and over 30 years giving my time, life and knowledge Pro-Bono as always through my own company. No need to rush all is open and I will be here another 30 years offering the same

Take you time and become aware of truth and transparency. All is accomplish with a "We" perception. I will walk you through it and you just return the same with others. Agreed?

Call me right away...

Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on December 30, 2019, 11:48:58 AM
We gave our real phone number?

Hey, stop waiting until your next idea of re-joining GDI. Get it right the first time and allow me to serve you all the way without a cost to yourself?

People always hesitate when something such as support is free. There is not catch and I have forty-plus years with a real company I created and own. So, allow me to serve you as we do with international clients.

Enhancing your life and supporting your knowledge of application with GDI. Simple and let us keep it so. Hey fifteen minutes with a quick intake and knowledge sharing. Think of it as a strategy meeting of the minds.


Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on June 01, 2020, 10:43:35 AM
Welcome all

Please note we will only be posting in one new location to keep it moving forward. All questions and request for support reach out anytime to me directly. I have faith in all you who put yourself to daily challenges.

Knowledge is only gain through experience. Now without and end you can get a free walk through in GDI foundational areas. Hey, you could never walk prior to crawling. How in the world just looking at forum issues and playing around would you believe to have anything enhanced just because you joined our GDI Family is not enough. You have to put in the work which is simple. Just allow this passionate person to walk you through all GDI. Then, perception of application will manifest.

Just Saying...


Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on June 01, 2020, 10:43:35 AM
This is the only location that is live and active daily....all you need with support and never additional cost. Do not waste time without first visiting this thread and getting things done right the first time...

Just Saying...


Here is the only thread with hands on support, free no limitation and no time limit. (

Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on October 14, 2020, 01:36:06 PM
Hello everyone and all these questions on what is posted in our forum is simple. I have only post experiences since GDI established. We share it with others even those who are just guests and not involved in GDI. So everyone can be influenced to imagine once again in their lives. The endless usage of GDI in your vision is priceless.

When anyone has a question reachout to me all the time. I will walk you through all GDI foundations areas and then you will have a clear understanding of how to apply GDI to your unique purpose I call…”Vision Of A Future Self”.

This thread is only to introduce one's self upon joining GDI...So if you are completing due diligence for an issue you have. Guidance will be found through another thread most likely one we posted. There are more postings from us than any others and we make sure to stay active since GDI opened. Us meaning myself and other longtime consistent users and influencers.

I believe in investing in you...people vs things. You have a problem: call me  or write. No worries I will get with you. I am all about real human interaction and believe me your time as my is valued. Strategy Sessions we call it. When I walk you through your concern. It is better with a live human being. No cost for a lifetime of support.

Hey it is never a matter of if you are going to ask for my support, just when. Do not sit around after attempts with people who you call up lines and not get real human interaction. You have a whole massive GDI family and it should not cost you a dime. We can't be accountable, only for ourselves and those who we have come on this GDI journey for life.

Who encouraged you to join GDI is accountable and if they have not been ethical and honor you by being there and getting stuff done. Then, contact me only after you made attempts. We will become your new family connection. We have lived each day for all these years and will be here to come.

Hey, never give up and always reach me if you need to release or anything. I live to serve all my life and have done well so it is my privilege to serve again.

Just Saying,


Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on October 14, 2020, 01:36:06 PM
Welcome TO GDI

There are guests and that is my focus to encourage you in dropping me a question and then allow me a few minutes to walk you through all of GDI.

We have nothing to sell and would not insult you with pitching products. We choose to live by higher standards. I believe in earning your consideration for serving while supporting you and your family. Investing in you as a person vs things. That is our agenda and always transparent!

Let us start by considering taking a leap of faith and joining GDI. I will receive a message generated by our computers. Then, we can take it each day through establishing your foundation right away.

The rest is to experience knowing I stand accountable for you. There is nothing unethical taking place. My full dedicated support is free. There should not be a price for support?

Waste no time and allow our GDI family to be with a new start for a future that you vision. Each of us has a unique purpose and all is found by allowing GDI as our core foundation. It is amazing and tested.

My hope is that you give me a chance to help your experience to manifest unlimited ideas. We can create projects that will eradicate lacking basic needs in people's lives while enhancing communities. No talk and just sitting around... Nothing gets done without you understanding what GDI is all about. Only way is walking through all of the GDI foundation areas and I am the one who will complete real human interaction.

Just Saying,

Join Now!

Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on November 19, 2020, 04:06:47 PM
November 9, 2020

Welcome to our GDI family and those who are guests, you have an open ended invitation to contact me anytime via my preferred method of contact 24/7 below...

Never have I visions all these amazing years, being here with so many people not sure how to utilize GDI...

Let us open your mind to unlimited possibilities, based on vast years of experiences applying GDI as a foundational tool for me personally and my forty plus year company. This GDI thing works because you must learn all the areas of navigation within. Then, only then you will realize how your unique life can apply GDI.

Warning: If you do not allow us to walk you through all of GDI as a foundation. You will never succeed at anything within GDI and never achieve clarity on how to apply GDI to your life, and if you have a real company vs business, that as well.

You all have an open invite to contact me day or night. Never costing you money for real hands on support. Not a question of if, just when...

I have nothing but support for only those who can be patient with yourself learning navigation. Then, you will see how to apply GDI to your life. It can't be done with hype and focus on money and numbers of people you can hype into joining. That never worked with GDI since conception I know being one of the first here?

Either you learn from someone still using it in my real forty plus year company and personal life or be like vast numbers dropping out each day only to return year after year wasting life and money.



Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on November 19, 2020, 04:06:47 PM
Welcome Guest and New GDI Family

Yes, that is the true question based on all the research within this forum. Daily I watch all the trends and it shows people are wasting time and money with purchasing outside lists, telephone resources, etc...They do not work, based on people will join and never stay. They have no leadership willing to walk them through all of GDI first, then help them learn how to apply that wisdom to their unique life and needs. We have resolved this issue and you benefit without paying anything for our support. Nice, we believe in GDI and use it for vast years. Now you can also and not have to pay us one dime. No more excuses with explanations.

There is and always has been one true proven and no monetary (Money) cost to getting people to know what you offer and how to work with you. That is simply "Word Of Mouth" which is proven the most effective natural method of Advertising.

Companies pay my company tons to get their message across to vast areas they decided to target. Hey, they waste money with other methods. Nevertheless, I walk them through our way, the true GDI way and approaching people with earning their consideration is the best practice.

Now, if you are a GDI family member and desire to get this right the  first time. After you have exhausted all attempts to have your people who convinced you with all the hype about their vast knowledge in business. Well, no you can't get them to help you make it right? Contact me by completing what we call a "Commitment" document.

Think of it as a method we use to make sure you can follow easy steps. The ability and hunger you have is focused without Vanity, Greed and Fear. That is the old method to get people to purchase worthless stuff and being here you must have had years of falling for the next shining thing?

Well, GDI is not anything you have imagined. No matter your degrees and experience selling others products/procedures...

My company and self, invest in people like yourself. We invest our resources, money and efforts in you. It's about time someone believes in you without a hidden agenda. That is us!

Just complete our form and I will personally be accountable for walking you through all of GDI with my determination and commitment. You will awaken strategic awareness in how GDI will be applied to your life. Each person since GDI conception. Never will have the same usage for GDI. So, think of it as a tool to shape as you vision your future self.

Come let us walk through an amazing journey of wonder. While you receive the overflow of favor in needed areas of your life.

My only agenda is to earn your acceptance in considering allowing me to be held accountable for your manifestation of a future without lacking basic needs and establishing something to help others achieve greatness as you will.

Come let us enjoy without any rush...this invitation to me is open for a lifetime. Nothing worthwhile is rushed. Please complete your due diligence on people and companies prior to being involved with them. Just go to LinkedIn and place my full name William Earl Amis, Jr. III and research my ethical years and honorable service.

Then, return to complete this form and I will be sent a message to contact you...Making the right choice at the beginning is critical and will save you years of disappointment.

Here to complete the “Commitment” form.

Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on April 20, 2021, 11:35:23 AM
Welcome GDI family and Guest
It's been a challenging past year and looking forward to a rewarding new one. It's been several weeks without posting and encouraging "Real Human Interaction" within GDI.

My purpose and agenda is always ethically transparent. Not anyone can please everyone. That said, some may ask for support without being willing to stay consistent doing their part. Which is simple, show up and do the work?

Nothing is easy within GDI. Think about how you get unlimited walkthrough in applying GDI foundation in your life and establish a real company vs just selling products. That is what we call having a "Business".

Hey, we need those who market our products and services. That is what and how most people become aware what a company doesn't. Nevertheless, you joined and may look at vast articles/post this person released. Think, just take action when you get prompted. I ask no rush we have been here for over 10 years and will continue.

Just contact me day or night. Allow, us to earn your consideration and walk you through all GDI. That way you get it right the first time. It cost you nothing for a real hands on support. So, take your time and contact me when you are ready.

William ::)

Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on April 20, 2021, 11:35:23 AM
Hello readers and GDI family...

Hope all is well and we will remain consistent in loading more fresh ideas and supportive invitation. Just for all to read our messages and writings. Notice any offer to support you is free. No one should pay for supportive services. We just do it face to face in what we call strategy session. You will feel the difference with real people walking you through vs reading marketing junk?

We deal with our choice of lifetyle, to serve without hidden agendas. We have three steps. You commit by completing our commitment document. Symbolic yet allows us to create a quick support account. Also, then issue you a invitation without an end to meet one on one with you choosing the day and time. Simple.

The question is not will you, it is when. If not now you wast valued time and money doing it the same way that never works. You are going to do like 98% of peoole tyring to chase money marketing tools? Really, you do not manufacture tools why would you believe anyone would purchase enough for yout to really establish a company provide for yourself with family?

No sales, just hard real work with reading data activities and interaction at events. Simple and fun without all that hype and false promisses of fame and money. Run when you hear marketing tools for manufactures makes you money?

If you believe in hope we believe in you!

I appreciate value and need to serve more people who have passion of life and really are willing to learn a few new things. Each day one should seeking learning something new of value to serve others. Stop being selfcentered. Become one worthy of our free support and allow us to invest our efforts, resources and revenue in you the person.

If you are ready we will walk you through all GDI without ever requestion money from you for our lifetime support. Simple take a step out on faith or just take that step!

Complete and we will start. If you have question we will answer them contact my office day or not. Connect with me at the 24hur request for support every time you need support. Write to

Now complete below our "Commitment" documents symbolic and that will allow us to create your personal support account and meet face to face. Yes, with me alone for the first 15 minutes no more. That is what we found after fourty plus years one can learn new activities. There is not limit and never a charge. Due to our "Getting Things Done" vs talk talk meetings meetings. We walk you through we combind efforts and get things done. Move on to next tageted area. Simple easy and no selling tools, Ha ha ha!



Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on April 20, 2021, 11:35:23 AM
Let's Have More Action vs Talk

Come each month we post and continue to be one of many who are consistent in supporting those. Willing to stop wasting their time and money with old perception. Chasing money vs making a difference with supporting people and companies globally.

You commit to allow us in investing in you. Our Efforts, Resources and Money in you, the person. We will walk you through all of GDI so your clarity will allow you to know GDI, like other locations are tools. You can't make money marketing others tools. Nevertheless, you can with using them on each person and company based their unique needs.

When you are ready to do this the right way. Never paying a dime for real hands on support. Then, take action and complete our "Commitment" document which is symbolic. It will allow us to create a quick support profile of yours. Then, send you a invitation to meet one on one. We call it "Strategy" sessions. They are only 15 minutes. We walk through and take action vs talk talk and hype without results.

The cost is 15 minutes of your life. We will make it worth much more and a lifetime of free support. So, stop reading tap link. Get action-data activity. Then, we take it from there. No sales of products yes you have a real company we will develop. We will walk you through services you will supply.

No phone calls list building junk? This is real and about time it is being offered only those who are ethical and hungry to get this right the first time commit. Below complete our "Commitment" document. Then, get ready for amazing journey!

You will receive an invitation without and end date. Pick day and time and meet me one on one. You will never every regret this starting today! No money is ever involved this is a lifetime of free resources, investing in you is our focus. Simple!


Title: Re: GDI Real Hands On Help!
Post by: WilliamAmis on June 08, 2021, 04:12:52 PM
Hello Guest and Others...

Well it's been an exciting week and vast people, communities and companies worldwide. Have reached out for support in their operations. We always seek people to help with support services. Did you know that GDI is a foundational tool?

There is always room for anyone to contact me personally. We can chat for 15 minutes and see how my company and self can serve you with GDI as your foundation. I will be honored in earning a few minutes of your time. Our support is free never accept money for it!

Take your time and never give up with hope. We can do all things together. Never stop visualizing a future without limits. My hope is that all ethical ideas manifest in your life. If at all you decide to allow me to earn your acceptance of support. Contact me from below information.

Enjoy this amazing day!

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