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Title: Stop over analyzing stuff?
Post by: WilliamAmis on August 29, 2014, 03:06:59 PM
Why we as people, believe that once something is learned. We have to, try to figure out. How to duplicate, the end results. By creating, a whole new method of activities? Crazy...

It is madness. I see and listen to people doing this with everything. We have a natural need to be the first and excited to feel that we are? That is madness. If something works, just accept it and move on. If you do not like something, do not get involved.

Of course we are only talking about the people who are online, for creating a real ethical funding source. Not, people who are online to complete research and play games.

Now, reading is required which allot of us older people do not like much. Only if it is for personal development?Hey, that is what everything about our industry, is. For personal development. So, there should not be a day that we, are not in a book. Listening to an audio book from the library. Just about anything to educate yourself more, on our industry. Not the methods of marketing.

There is a huge wave of people learning the correct way to connect with people. It is natural and fun. You have to get back to the time when you allowed yourself to imagine things. You see things in your own perception. Makes daily conversations, even with a stranger, exciting. That is the natural way to network. You learn about fascinating people from around the world. You learn what they see as their future and vision. Then, you can naturally help them achieve it without an agenda. If you look to make new connection. Becoming friends. Learning about their lives and family. Their passions and causes. You will notice a huge difference in your personal growth. You company will grow naturally also.

More on this next week. Just try to take a step forward and start using you imagination.

I want everyone to get free education on our industry. Then, return here with a positive attitude. If you then, can not still. Get with your sponsor or upline. Then, and only then call me right away. If I do not answer. Leave you full name and tell me "I am ready to get it right". Then, leave you number I can call and time best with days. I will personally return that call and get started.

No one gets left alone!

Always, Faithful

Title: Re: Stop over analyzing stuff?
Post by: WilliamAmis on January 05, 2015, 04:44:24 PM
I always check the forum to see if anyone gains the courage to interact. Hey, this forum is for your benefit. Use it wisely and you will not have issued understanding how to make GDI work for your given situation. Not all of us are the same. We are very unique.

GDI is here to support your personal and business needs. Ask how?

Title: Re: Stop over analyzing stuff?
Post by: WilliamAmis on September 29, 2015, 08:16:57 AM
I can not share this one thing enough. If you do not make people aware that you exist. Nothing within GDI support. Will ever help you accomplish much?

May you find, pausing and think a little. Please, if anything. Get your profile with your correct full name and contact information. Two things will happen. You will be able to receive contact from real people. Also, be seen as a real person who will remain transparent.

It is not about how many people you can walk through entering GDI? It is about value. Making sure each person has an attached need for GDI tools. That is the only way you will gain continued revenue from GDI. It will not happen overnight. So, just get that through your mind.

We can work together in accomplishing what you visioned. Just make sure you take time to contact your upline, first. Then, you can call up on me.

Note: GDI takes 24-48 hours to post your questions and such. There is a delay in viewing anything you message. Even, leaving a reply within the forum. So, make sure if you need real fast support. Use my other method of contact.

Real-time results will add to your growth within GDI and goals. Each milestone is worth celebrating.

May we find time to connect soon.


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